Small Animal Cages

Your small pet's cage is the foundation for his overall health and well-being. Here you will find a variety of cages for hamsters, rabbits, chinchillas, and more. When it comes to choosing Small Animal Cages we understand that the safety and comfort of your beloved pet is important to you and that is why we offer such a large variety of Small Animal Cages at low prices!

The five most important things to have in any small animal cage are water, food, bedding, toys, and a place to hide. Some small animals require a running wheel. As you can see on our site, we offer many small pet cages with a running wheel already installed for your convience. Smaller animals will also enjoy tubes connected to their cages for them to run through. We offer a variety of small animal cages with tubes already installed, and we also offer extensions for those tubes. Most small animals require something to chew on since their teeth grow constantlly. If you do not provide something for your small animal to chew on this can become a serve problem so it is best to prevent this. We suggest that you purchase chew toys for your small pet that are labeled for a small animal to avoid causing any harm. Please view our small pet chew toys here.

Litter training is possible with some small animals, most popular being the larger small animals. Look into which species you have to find out if that particualar one is more prone to being able to litter train. For small pet litter training you will need a small animal litter box that will fit inside your pets cage, and of course is big enough for your pet to sit down and turn around in. Litter training is easiest if you watch which corner your small pet often uses the bathroom in. Which ever corner that is, put the litter box there. At first, put some of the soiled bedding from that corner in the litter box to encourage your small pet. You may want to entice them into the litter box with treats or hay. If you find that your small pet uses the whole cage as its litter box, you can first try shoveling all soiled litter into a corner. This may help to get your small pet to only use one corner, and then be able to proceed with the litter box. You should change your litter box and put fresh litter in it every 1-2 days. Every week you should wash your litter box and cage with a mild cleaner or soap without any chemicals. We offer some cleaners specially designed for small animals on our site here.

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