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Pet Fences

Pet fences are some of the most outstanding containment devices used to protect and keep pet safe at all times. Whatever ever the brand, all pet fence products from Pet Street Mall give the same kind of benefit for pets and the pet owners. Pet fences are practical solutions to your everyday problem with your pet. With regular training, your pet’s misbehavior will be eradicated. Even training experts agree that pet fences can be the best outdoor and indoor solution for the quick improvement in pet’s behavior!

Featured Pet Fence
  • Rechargeable Collar - This will save you up to $75 a year on replacement batteries
  • Most Advanced Technology - Patented technology makes it the most effective pet fence on the market
  • Most Versatile System -Great for large and small pets and Stubborn pets.
  • Additional Accessories - Includes the LP-4100 External Lightning Protector, backed by innotek's Lifetime Warranty and 100 ft. of Pretwisted wire (Cuts installation time in half), a $65.00 Value!
Sold in 20 Guage and 18 Gauge

PetsSafe Pet Fences Perimeter Pet Fence Innotek Pet Fence

This Month's Great Values
Petsafe Pet Fence Innotek Pet Fence Sport Dog Pet Fence
20 Gauge 18 Gauge 20 Gauge 18 Gauge

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Pet Street Mall has combined the technology with professional craftsmanship and personalized training to keep pets safe in a specified area while promoting freedom, exercise and proper behavior. This is the best solution to have a particular pet-free area inside your home and in the yard. In this manner, you can protect not only the furniture and appliances inside the house but also the family members especially if you have babies at home. Now, you can train your pet to behave properly with the use of this highly effective pet solution. So if you are tired of reconstructing the wooden fence in your yard because your hyper pet keeps on jumping over it, pet fences are the best answers to your needs. Aside from the effectiveness of this device, you can also save a lot of money because you no longer have to buy a new set of woods just to put up a reliable fence. pets will never go beyond the boundary because of the correction they can get from the collars that they wear. This correction serves as a warning to control pet’s behavior and keeps them safe inside the contained area.

Pet fences are actually the perfect replacement for an early training method and ensure the pet’s safety while having training. Aside from the high-tech construction of this gadget, it also provides a step-by-step training instruction that teaches pet in a more convenient and comfortable way. Due to the demand of pet owners, different types of pet fences can now be seen on the market today. There is a kind of pet fence wherein wires are being buried underground to prevent pets and lawnmowers from accidentally cutting them. There is also a wireless pet fence where pet owners no longer have to bury wires to create the boundaries. With just the use of a pet collar, transmitter and receiver, the training process for pets can be done successfully. Indeed, wireless fencing device is the best solution for pet owners who want a system that can be used to easily contain and train their pets without exerting too much effort.

We have the most efficient pet fences that provide comfort and convenience to any breed of pet. Also, our line of pet fences is one of the most recommended systems by veterinarians all over the world. The quality and performance of our product gives owners the assurance that their pets are safe and sound during training. Our offered pet fences are proven and tested to be a product that gives 100% satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art fences also help strengthen the good relationship between the owner and his pet. The fence system allows the pet to know his limitations without being frightened. Whatever the size, temperament and breed of your pet, pet fences can still be used to restrain a 2 month old puppy. We also have wireless systems that are applicable for cats. The benefits are not only for pets because owners will also experience the comfort and simplicity of using our product. So if you have physical limitations in executing your pet’s training, our pet fences will definitely work well with you!

Pet fences can also accommodate multiple pets as long as each pet is wearing a receiver collar. The modern design of the collar alerts your pet whenever he is near the border of the contained area. With the adjustable levels of correction, pets will learn how to obey the signal and stay in the safe area. We know how important it is to maintain the beautiful landscape of your garden, keep your swimming pool clean at all times and keep other family members and neighbors safe as well. So grab this opportunity and prevent your pet to be the cause of the problem again. Traditional fencing is no longer applicable and what you really need is the most reliable system packed with the strongest performance and warranty that will make your life easier. So, try one of our pet fences here at Pet Street Mall and you’ll have a wonderful day with your pet.

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