Innotek offers pet owners products that will help train and contain their pets. Innotek is one of the most recognizable and reputable company in the pet industry. We offer the largest collection of Innotek Products at the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on orders over $50. Browse through our complete line of Innotek Pet Products and find a solution to your needs.

Innotek Dog Fences
Dog Fences - SD-2100 SD-2100
Innotek Dog Fence
  • Up to 25 Acres
  • Dogs 15 to 220 lbs
  • Computer Enhanced
Fence system starts at $ 169.95
Dog Fences - SD-2200 SD-2200
Innotek Dog Fence
  • Up to 25 Acres
  • Dogs 15 to 220 lbs
  • Progressive Correction
Fence system starts at $ 199.95
Innotek SD-3000 SD-3000
Innotek Dog Fence
  • Up to 5 Acres
  • Dogs 12 to 220 lbs
  • Has Remote Trainer
Fence system starts at $ 169.99
Innotek Remote Trainers
Innotek FS-15A Basic
Remote Trainer
  • Big Dog Trainer
  • 150 Yard Range
  • 7 Correction Levels
System starts at $ 124.99
Innotek Bark Collars
Innotek BC-200 Bark Collar Best Rechargeable Bark Collar
Big Dog Rechargeable Bark Collar System starts at $ 89.95

Pet Street Mall is the largest online retailer of Innotek Pet Products. We offer Innotek Fences, Bark Collars, Training Collars and Much More. Innotek has devoted countless hours in testing products to ensure that pet owners are getting the safest, highest quality and the most humane product on the market. Rely on Innotek to meet and exceed your every expectation for all your pet problems.

Innotek is renowned worldwide for their pet products. Innotek Products are safe, effective and most efficient way to train and contain your pet. Innotek Pet Products are easy to use, convenient, reliable, and durable. Innotek specializes in bark collars, training collars, and fences which every pet owner needs. Get the most effective and efficient way to train your pet with Innotek.

Dogs are naturally curious and like to wonder. Our Innotek Dog Fences will keep your pet inside a designated area that will keep your pet safe from neighbors, cars, roads, and other dangerous areas. Barking Collars will stop excessive and unwanted barking using stimulation correction. Innotek Training Collars are great to use when stopping bad habits like chewing, jumping and digging. Innotek offers solutions for all your pet problems at an affordable price.

Innotek Dog Fences
Innotek Dog Fence will contain your pet on your property without having the undesired traditional fences. Innotek Dog Fences come with all the necessary items needed to keep your pet safe and secure. Innotek Dog Fences can range up to 25 acres which will give your pet ample amount of space run, play and relax. These special dog fences will accommodate any size pet and budget. Keep your pet safe and secure with an Innotek Dog Fence.

Innotek Indoor Zone System is the perfect training system for inside the home. The Indoor Zone is specially designed to keep your pet out of particular rooms or areas within the home. Simple put the lightweight collar around your pet’s neck and place the disc near the off-limit areas. The signal is capable to extend between 2-12 feet and can have multiple discs added to the system for multiple rooms or a larger area. Innotek Indoor Zone is ideal for kitchens, bed rooms, and other areas inside your home.

Innotek Training Collars
are for pets between 4-200 pounds. These collars are uniquely designed to stop chewing, biting, jumping, digging, scratching, and other bad habits. Innotek Training Collars are equipped with a remote so pet owners can use the correction when bad behaviors are displayed. We recommend that pet owners keep the remote out of your pet’s sight so they will not correlate the correction with you. Our Innotek Training Collars come in either one or two dog collars. Nip the bad habits with the best Training Collar in the industry with Innotek.

Innotek Training Collars will reach a range up to 200 feet (SD-70) to a staggering 150 yards. Offering multiple levels of correction will allow pet owners to adjust the stimulation based on the size, stubbornness, and frequency of bad behaviors. Innotek Training Collars will transform your pet into a more obedient, calm and less destructive pet. Our Innotek Training Collars are great for home, parks, visiting friends, and field training. Get the best behaved dog on the block with an Innotek Training Collar.

Innotek Bark Collars
are the perfect solution to control and minimize excessive and unnecessary barking. These Bark Collars are safe, effective and humane. Innotek Bark Collars are great for dogs between to 15-200 pounds and is extremely light, weighing 2.4 ounces. The Innotek Bark Collars offers 7 levels of corrections. The BC-50B Bark Collar is the most advance collar on the market offering a settle increase in stimulation until your dog stops barking. Innotek Bark Collars are specifically designed to reduce unwanted and unnecessary barking the safest and most humane way possible.

Innotek Pet Products are reliable, dependable, easy to use and inexpensive. We have the most sought after Innotek Products that will keep your pet safe and secure while training them to become more obedient. We offer the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on a wide selection of products. Start training with the best products in the industry. . . Start training with Innotek.

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