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Ideal doors makes some of the best and most popular doors available for pets. Ideal doors are used and recommended by professionals. Ideal doors are tough, durable, weatherproof and come in a huge variety of sizes and style. Designed for the safety of your pet, Ideal makes a dog door for every situation. Ideal wall kits allow you to intall a dog door in the wall of your house. A patio pet Ideal door allows you to install a dog door in sliding patio doors. These dog doors aren't just Ideal in name, they're ideal in quality too!

Ideal doors are recognized as the ultimate representation of a perfect entry point for your cat or dog. The Ideal door has a movable barrier to restrict the access of stray animals and provide visual privacy as well. Typically, it consists of a panel in the upper section that swings on hinges. Easy to fit sections are provided so you no longer have to use any special tools to install it. Pet Ideal doors are made of durable materials that will stand the test of time, plus a simple yet sturdy construction that will surely fit to your dog’s size. The color will match any house interior so you will definitely love the new look of your door after installing one of our pet ideal doors.

In short, ideal doors are the best doors for your pet that provide an easy access point for him to get in and out of your home.

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Pet Ideal
  • Super Strong Thermo-Plastic
  • Simple 4-Step Installation
  • Magnetic flap
Door starts at
$ 39.99
Aluminum Pet Ideal Door
  • High Quality Aluminum Petdoor
  • Choose From Mill, Bronze or White Colors
  • Magnetic flap
Door starts at
$ 52.99
Weatherproof Pet Ideal Door
  • All Weather Thermal Insulated pet Door
  • Innovative Double Vinyl Flaps
  • Magnetic flap
Door starts at
$ 109.99
Pet Patio
Ideal Door
  • Fast Fit Patio PetDoor
  • Fits Right or Left Handed Doors
  • Water Tight Seal
Door starts at
$ 229.99

Pet Ideal doors are some of the most wanted dog doors on the market. These doors are available in different styles and constructions depending on what the owner really needs and according to the size of his pet. Please find time to browse our wide selection of Ideal doors and you will surely see the one that you are looking for. Our featured pet Ideal doors include the pet Ideal door, Aluminum pet Ideal door, Weather pet Ideal door and pet patio Ideal door. We also have ideal dog door accessories that are sold separately such as wall kits, replacement flaps, cat flap patio door, lockable cat flap and the pet passage. All of these products from America Outdoor are made with the intention to provide safety, convenience and comfortable lifestyle to your pets. America Outdoor is a well-known company that provides outstanding products for your pet’s welfare and consists of people who are pet lovers, too. For you to experience the great performance and have the best satisfaction, all products are being tested first in our center and checked for quality assurance. This is our way to provide our customers with high quality products and good customer service.

To give you quick information about our ideal doors, here are some of them with their corresponding description:

Ideal Pet Door has super strong thermoplastic panels that can be installed in four easy steps. The magnetic flaps make it more secured for dogs as he goes in and out of the door.

Aluminum Pet Ideal Door , on the other hand, is made of high quality aluminum with three color options: bronze, mill and white. The flap is also magnetic that ensures the safety of your pet against stray animals.

Weatherproof pet Ideal door is one of our most durable ideal doors with double vinyl flaps. The materials used can withstand any types of climate. An all-weather thermal insulated ideal door.

Pet Patio Ideal Door is a great door to use when you don’t have a door to successfully install this product but a patio instead. It is an ideal door that can be mounted easily in your patio. It has a water tight seal that provides added protection.

Our Ideal door accessories are the safest, most convenient and definitely effective replacement tools and accessories that you can use in your ideal pet door. These products are sold separately. Buying these extra materials will save you money in maintaining your pet’s door.

These ideal doors are recommended by most professionals. These ideal doors provide a safe gateway for your pet and also help in developing the right behavior of pets in entering and leaving the house. With our pet ideal doors, your own door and furniture are now safe from scratches. At the same time, you can throw away the hassle of opening and closing your own door frequently for your pet. And we are proud to say that pet ideal doors are the preferred pet doors on the market today. Buy one now and you’ll be glad you did!

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