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Dog Beds will provide your pet with a comfortable place that they can unwind, rest, and daydream. We carry the most sought after pet beds on the market that will meet the needs of any pet in your home. Pet Street Mall carries the largest selection at the Lowest Price and your order Ships Free when it reaches $50.
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Heated Dog Beds Heated Dog Beds
A Heated Bed will keep your canine warm and cozy when cold.
Starting at: $42.99
Bolster Dog Beds Bolster Dog Beds
Bolster Beds provide a cozy and secure place for your pet.
Starting at: $40.99
outdoor dog bed Outdoor Dog Beds
An Outdoor Bed will keep your pet comfortable while outside.
Starting at: $69.95
orthopedic dog beds Orthopedic Dog Beds
Orthopedic Beds help with arthritis and relieve soreness.
Starting at: $52.99
Rectangle Dog Beds
A Rectangular Bed is great for corners and niches in the home.
Starting at: $37.99
Nap Pads Nap Pads
Nap Pads are ideal for travel or home. Give your pet their own bed.
Starting at: $ 16.99
Crate Mats and Crate Pads
Crate Mats and Crate Pads are made to specifically fit your pet crate.
Starting at: $ 14.95
Round Dog Beds Round Dog Beds
Round Dog Beds are plush mounds of softness for your pet to sleep on.
Starting at: $44.99
Pet Nests
A Pet Nest will provide your pet with both comfort and security all in one.
Starting at: $ 22.99
Cooling Dog Beds
Cooling Beds have a cooling element to keep your pet cool.
Starting at: $24.95
Chew Proof Dog Beds
Chew Proof Beds are great for pets who tend to destroy their beds.
Starting at: $ 74.99
Pet Tents
Pet Tents are fun and provide a cozy home for your furry friends.
Starting at: $ 69.95
Dog Bed Accessories
Furniture Covers and More!
Starting at: $19.99
Dog Beds Articles

A Good Night’s Sleep for Your Pets: Dog Beds 101 – On average we need about eight hours of sleep a night and if we miss out on any of that we aren’t at our best. Dogs on the other hand need around 14 hours of sleep each day, so imagine how badly it affects them when they are deprived of proper rest. A dog bed is as essential to your pet as your bed is to you, probably more so. Dogs need a place to call their own – a private area. Without it they can suffer from anxiety and a dog bed gives them this personal space. It will also cushion your pet’s joints from the hard floor and aid against arthritis. Find out more about dog beds with our educational guide…

Dogs Feel as Tired as Their Owners
Did you know that you’re making your dogs feel tired? That’s right; when you feel fatigued your four-legged friends empathize with you according to a recent study. University of Tokyo researchers found that dogs are highly likely to yawn and become lethargic when their owners yawn. So because it’s you who’s making your dog feel tired it’s only fair that Fido has a bed that’s as comfortable as yours to go to sleep on.
Read more here...

Orthopedic Dog Beds Are Important for Dogs with Hip Dysplasia
If your dog is limping around or seems to have extra stiffness, he may be afflicted with hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a nuisance to over 50% of certain dog breeds, and is particularly associated with larger breeds like the Great Dane. At Pet Street Mall, we have all of the information about hip dysplasia and the things you can do to help your dog. Read more here...

Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed? The question of whether you should or should not allow a dog to sleep in the bed is one that divides trainers, veterinarians and pet owners. In some cases it has caused such a rift that relationships have been broken over it, so it’s obviously an issue people are passionate about. We walk through the pros and cons of allowing the family pet into the bedroom and ask: Should you let your dog sleep in your bed?

Is Your Doggy Dreaming?
“Dogs can’t look up, all of them are colorblind and none of them have dreams.”
Of course, all of that is nonsense. Dogs do have the ability to look up, most can see a spectrum of colors and many dogs dream deep enough that they enter a REM state of trance, which is said to have the most vivid dreaming. How often a dog experiences the REM while they are asleep depends on the specific dog and its breed, but many experts believe that when a dog is asleep their dreams are not terribly different than our own. Read more about doggie dreams Here.

About Dog Beds

Dog Beds are one of the most common of all purchases for many pet owners. Owning a pet bed will give your pet an area that they will provide a feeling of safety and security. They have a thick layer of cushion that will keep your canine comfortable while resting his or her eyes. A pet bed will come in many shapes including circular, rectangle, oval, and square. We recommend that larger pet owners use a bed that will give their pet the ability to lie stretched out long ways and smaller pets usually prefer a circular or round bed. We offer a variety of sizes as well, so you will surely find the best fit for the smallest Teacup Poodle or even the largest Black Russian Terrier. Check out our complete line of quality pet beds. We have the Largest Selection at the Lowest Prices.

A Cooling Dog Bed is the exact opposite of a heated bed. A Heated Bed will keep your pet warm on cold days, but a Cooling Bed is designed to keep your pet cool on hot days. A bed like this will keep your pet nice and cool on even the hottest summer days. With their cooling element they are excellent for indoor and/or outdoor use. A Cooling Bed will provide your pet with a nice cool place to relax on after having a full day of walking, running, playing, and other means of exercise. A Cooling Bed will even ease joint pains and soreness with its cooling effect. Keep your pooch cool all summer long with a Cooling Bed Today!

A Heated Dog Bed is considered a popular item for many reasons. A Heater Bed offers a wide range of therapeutic benefits. A bed of this caliber is able to ease sore muscles, arthritis, and other joint issues that your pet might be experiencing. They are even great for young puppies that are longing for their mother’s warmth and for older dogs that both want and need extra comfort. A Heated Bed will keep your pet cozy and warm in the chilly winter months, while also providing a shield to protect them from getting sick due to the cold temperatures. We offer Heated Beds for both your inside and outside pets. Plus, a pet bed like this can be used year round, just unplug or take out the heating mechanism. Keep your pet warm all winter long with a dependable Heated Bed.

An Orthopedic Dog Bed is a great buy for pets that have injuries, joint pains, or are just getting older. An Orthopedic Bed is specifically designed to provide optimal support while relieving pressure on aching bones and joints. A great buy for any pet that suffers from arthritis. These beds are filled with feathers, air, or foam to provide the most amount of comfort. An Orthopedic Bed is truly the best pet bed for your pet’s health available on the market.

A Pet Nest Bed will completely surround your pet, creating a safe zone. A Pet Nest is an excellent choice for any sized pet and will provide the most comfort. These beds are oval in shape which will contour to the shape of your pet when curled into the sleeping or ball position. A Pet Nest is ideal for inside; patio and porch use and is easy to wash. The Pet Nest will give your pet a ledge to rest their head on when they are lying sideways. Check out these and other great quality pet beds with out Low Prices and Free Shipping on orders over $50.

The best type of pet bed is one that is easy to clean. Most have a cover that can be removed for washing and others will require a quick wash-down with a water hose and a brush. Keeping your pet’s bed clean is very important because it could be hosting flea, tick eggs, and other nasty parasites that could cause your pet to become ill and uncomfortable. Keeping your pet’s bed clean will keep them healthy and give them a cozy and restful place to sleep.

Why buy a bed for your pet? Because a pet bed is an exccellant way to create an area that your pet will call their own. They encourage rest and relaxation after play time and will even promote better sleep at night. Each bed will provide a place to relax without your pet taking up space on your bed or scratching the couch up. Owning a pet bed will give your pet a place that they will feel safe and secure in.

Pet Street Mall carries a wide variety of styles from top manufacturers and designers that will meet the needs of any pet. We have the best selection with many features from heated, cooling, orthopedic, and many more options. We also have a pet bed that will keep your outside pets comfortable and cozy all year long. Check out our large selection of Dog Beds, available here at the Lowest Price and Free Shipping on orders over $50.

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