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Bark Collars eliminate the unwanted barking of your dog by teaching your pet when not to bark. They are an inexpensive and easy to use method for controlling your pet's barking to give you and your neighbors some peace. We offer a wide selection of effective and humane

No Bark Collars

at Low Prices, from trusted brand names such as PetSafe, Dogtra, Innotek, and more. Plus, Pet Street Mall gives FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50! more
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Basic Bark Collars

Basic Bark Collars offers pet owners a more economical solution and still provide the ability to control unnecessary barking. This type is great for beginners. For more features, check out our Premium Bark Collars. We do our best to provide a wide range of options to meet all of your pet needs.

PetSafe PBC-102
Dog Bark Collar
  • Dogs 15-120 lbs
  • 6 Correction Levels
  • 2.3 oz Receiver
Sale Price: $38.95
PetSafe PDBC-300
Dog Bark Collar
  • Dogs 15-120 lbs
  • 18 Correction Levels
  • 1.7 oz Receiver
Sale Price: $67.95
DT Mini
No Bark Collar
  • Fits dogs 4lbs-40lbs
  • 8 Intensity Levels
  • 2.8 oz Collar Weight
Sale Price: $47.95
Dogtra iQ
No Bark
  • 10 levels stimulation
  • Bark Recognition Sensor
  • Vibration Mode
Sale Price: $74.99
No Bark Collar
  • 9 static corrections
  • Vibration Mode
  • Tone Mode
Sale Price: $69.99
Dog Bark
Control Soft
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ultra light
  • No static stimulation
Sale Price: $45
Premium Bark Collars

Premium Bark Collars provide pet owners with features that can be ideal for stubborn, aggressive, persistent, and large dogs. They can provide pet owners with options such as being rechargeable to save money in the long run. Also, rapid charge, safety delays, and data memory systems are reserved for our Premium Bark Collars.

Mini Rechargeable
Dog Bark Collar
  • For Dogs 20-200 Lbs
  • 10 Correction Levels
  • 4.0 oz Collar Weight
Sale Price: $109.99
PetSafe Deluxe Little
Dog Bark Collar
  • Customize skin colors
  • For Dogs up to 55lbs
  • "Perfect Bark" technology
Sale Price: $89.95
Dogtra No
Bark Collar M/L
  • 2 hour rapid charge
  • Med. to Large Breeds
  • 7.9 oz Collar Weight
Sale Price: $79.99
SportDOG SBC-18
Dog Bark Collar
  • 18 Correction Levels
  • Waterproof
  • 1.5 oz Collar Weight
Sale Price: $69.95
DT Big
Dog Bark Collar 9V
  • 8 oz. receiver
  • 9 Correction Levels
  • 8.0 oz Collar Weight
Sale Price: $99.99
Bark Control Collar
  • 7 Intensity Levels
  • Auto advance gentle bark
  • Waterproof
Sale Price: $59
PetSafe Vibration
Dog Bark Collar
  • Vibration interupts barking
  • 10 vibration combinations
  • Waterproof
Sale Price: $53.95
Spray Bark Collars

Spray Bark Collars are ideal for smaller dogs that weigh less than 12 pounds and pet owners seeking alternative methods for training their pet. These Bark Collars are designed to emit a mist of solution that will deter your pet from barking, chewing, digging, and other bad habits. This is a safe, effective, and humane method for training your pet.

PetSafe Remote
Spray Bark Collar
  • Up to 300-yard range
Sale Price: $129.95
PetSafe Anti-Bark
Spray Dog Collar
  • Citronella Scented
Sale Price: $42.95
Innotek Spray Commander
Dog Bark Collar
  • 300 feet of distance
Sale Price: $74.95
PetSafe GentleSpray
Anti-Bark Collar
  • For Dogs 6 lbs. and over
  • Weighs approx. 2.5 oz
Sale Price: $39.95
Spray Collar Starter Kits - Comes with Everything You Need (Including Refill Spray)
PetSafe Spray Bark Collar Citronella Starter Kit Sale Price: $49.95 FREE SHIPPING
30% OFF
PetSafe Spray Commander Starter Kit Sale Price: $94.95 FREE SHIPPING
30% OFF
Sonic Bark Collars

Ultrasonic Bark Control is great for dogs under 12 pounds. These handheld sonic devices can be used for correcting bad behaviors; such as barking, chewing, jumping up, and digging for both Dogs and Cats.

PetSafe Ultra Sonic
Remote Trainer
  • Indoors and Outdoors
  • 30 Ft. Range
Sale Price: $29.99
PetSafe Outdoor
Dog Bark Control
  • Detects barks 50 feet away
  • Durable and weatherproof
Sale Price: $41.95
PetSafe Elite Outdoor
Dog Bark Control
  • Programmable timer
  • 50 foot bark detection
Sale Price: $52.69
PetSafe Ultra Sonic
Dog Bark Control
  • 25 foot range
  • No collar needed
Sale Price: $26.95
Shock Free
No Bark Collar
  • 4 Correction Modes
  • 3 Ultra Sonic and 1 Tone
Sale Price $69.99
Bark Collars Articles

Dog Personalities and Bark Collars – Which Work Best Together? Listening to a dog endlessly barking certainly isn't pleasant, which is why most owners try to train their dogs not to bark from an early age. Bark collars have proven to be an invaluable tool in accomplishing this, although finding the right collar can be tricky given that every dog has its own temperament and personality. We used the feedback from customers and our product experts' in-depth knowledge to create a guide to help you match your dog to the right dog collar. Learn More...

How to Prevent Dog Barking
Having a dog that won't stop barking is an obvious problem. Unknowingly, some owners actually re-enforce this behavior. The key is to use certain tools and techniques to make sure that your house is calm and quiet. Learn More...

The 4 Different Types of Bark Collar & How They Work Getting a dog to stop barking incessantly can be a difficult task, especially if you're away at work all day. Thankfully dog bark collars can train your dog to not bark even when you're not around. Safe and effective, bark collars work in four distinct ways, so to get a better idea of which would be best for your pooch, read our quick guide to the workings of each.Learn More..

Why Do Dogs Bark? Why do some dogs bark incessantly and others not at all? What is the difference between a high pitch yelp and repetitive yipping? Is my dog trying to tell me something with all of his barking? Unfortunately we will probably never know just what our pets are trying to tell us when they bark or tip or run in circles, but we may know why. Read up on the history and meaning of our dogs' barking habits Here.

Are Bark Collars Dangerous? If you have a dog that is an insistent barker, you can quickly become the least popular person in your neighborhood. Unfortunately, getting a “bad barker” to kick their habit can be a tiring process, but there are bark collars on the market that prevent insistent woofing. If you're considering a bark collar for your loudmouth pooch, then you need to get all the facts before investing in a training collar. Click HERE to see if there are any risks associated with a bark collar for your dog.

Bark Collar Information

Dog Bark Collars

are developed for all types of dogs, because not all dogs are the same. We carry collars for small dogs, large dogs, and even for stubborn dogs. As you can see, we have in stock not only electronic collars but also alternative correction collars. We have pets ourselves and that's why we only provide the best

Bark Collars for dogs

What is a Bark Collar?
Bark Collars are a corrective device that will deter your pet from barking. We offer different types to meet the needs of every pet owner. They are safe and will not harm you pet in any way. We offer Dog Bark Collars that are static, spray, and ultrasonic. Most have a 30 second delay which will allow your pet to bark for a short time frame.

Training Your Pet without Close and Constant Supervision.
Training your pet is effortless with a

Bark Collar

and many are automatic to eliminate the need for close and constant supervision. Pet owners can simply place the collar around their pet's neck and go about their day. Pet Street Mall has Dog Bark Collars that will fit the largest to the smallest canine in your family.

When Using the Bark Collar...
Pet owners use Bark Collars for many reasons. Dogs bark when they hear noises, see unfamiliar people or animals, and to express their authority and excitement. Pet owners need to become aware of the reasons why their pet barks. If your dog is barking out of fear, anxiety, and/or aggressiveness, we don't recommend using a Bark Collar.

Buying the Right Bark Collar for your Pet.
Bark Collars are the most advance devices on the market in training your pet not to bark. They come in many forms including static, spray, and sonic. The Static Collar will send a correctional pulse to your pet using a preset level. A Spray Collar will emit a mist in front of the pet wearing the collar that will deter them from barking. Our Spray Collars come in either scented, citronella, or unscented. The Sonic Collar emits a sound wave that is undetectable to the human ear. All of our Bark Collars are safe to use and won't cause any harm to your pet.

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