Washing Pets in Winter is Essential to Their Health

Your coat keeps you warm in winter and make sure you dog's coat keeps him warm too
Washing our dogs in the wintertime might be something we'd rather put off until the warmer weather of spring, but it's more important than any other time to ensure our pets are clean and well groomed during the winter months.

You have plenty of warm clothes to keep you protected from winter's icy chill, but for a dog the only protection is its coat. If this isn't in good condition and free from dirt it won't provide adequate protection. Thorough and regular baths are all-important.

A Dog's Coat is its Only Defense in Wintertime
Like us, dogs produce natural oils that coat the hairs and keep them in good condition, but during the winter months these natural barriers are exposed to harmful chemicals that can strip a dog's coat of its precious oils. Roads are gritted with corrosive salt and people top up their vehicles with antifreeze. Rain and snowfall washes the salt and antifreeze spills from the roads and collects them in puddles which your dog will undoubtedly encounter.

Unless dogs receive regular baths these chemicals will work to remove the natural oils in a dog's coat. Without these essential oils the coat won't retain heat and the dog is unable to maintain the warmth it needs. In addition these chemicals also act as powerful irritants to the dog's skin.

Winter Bathing Made Easy

The Booster Bath makes bathing pets indoors easy in winter and bathing them outdoors fun in summer
Even in the summertime bathing a dog is a chore, but in wintertime it can be a nightmare. It's going to be too cold to use a hose in the yard, so that means doggy baths are going to have to be taken indoors.

The quickest and simplest way to bathe a dog indoors is with the Booster Bath. The Booster Bath is an all-in-one dog washing station that contains the pooch, keeps it from running off and leaves you with both hands free to quickly and effortlessly give Fido a good bath. By raising the pet up to you, the Booster Bath also saves you from straining your back having to bend down, plus it catches all the messy dog hair you'd rather not block up our drains.

The Booster bath is light, portable and can be quickly set up in a garage, basement, laundry room or bathroom. Reviews for the Booster Bath are universal in their praise and we here at PetStreetMall.com think it is one of the most versatile and useful dog bathing and grooming accessories available.

If you keep your dog clean in winter you'll be keeping them healthier and happier too.

By John Bone
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