Tri-Tronics: Pioneers of Dog Training Products

Tri-Tronics is, without question, the leader when it comes to electronic dog training equipment. Founded in 1968, Tri-Tonics is a true pioneer and its e-collars changed the way professional trainers, hunters and sportsmen have gone into the field ever since.

The Tri-Tronics motto says it all
Tri-Tronics for Professionals
Tri-Tronics shock collars are very much the standard for the professional dog handler. Their products might be among the most expensive, but any Tri-Tronics user will tell you they'd not change brands for anything. Why? Because Tri-Tronics' equipment has proven time and again that it's capable of working faultlessly over long distances, in the worst weather conditions and across the most challenging terrain. No wonder their mottos is; "Rugged. Reliable. Proven."

Many of the e-collar features trainers take for granted these days were originally pioneered by Tri-Tronics. Tone-only corrections; multiple dog control and perhaps most importantly; adjustable stimulation sensitivity were all first seen on Tri-Tronics collars. The current range of Tri-Tronics shock collars are among the most feature-rich on the market, and the company continues to innovate and introduce new refinements.

In 2011 Tri-Tronics was acquired by Garmin, the world leader in GPS technology. The power of Garmin's R&D capabilities behind Tri-Tronics only adds to its strength in depth.

Tri-Tronics Innovations and Features
Many of the features professional trainers consider essential are found on other company's e-collars, but only Tri-Tronics' collars have them all. Notable features include:

    The Trashbreaker G3 is one of the most powerful training collars available
  • Insulated contact points to ensure continued reliability even in water.
  • Proprietary charging system fully recharges batteries in 2 hours and can be repeated indefinitely without harming the batteries.
  • Charging adaptors remove necessity for jacks or plugs on receiver collar.
  • Battery life indicator on all transmitters and receivers.
  • Receiver collar antennas are fixed to optimize consistency and prevent them coming loose in the field.
  • Automatic stimulation cutoff to prevent accidental corrections.
  • All transmitters can be operated with just one hand.
  • Tri-Tronics products assembled in the U.S.
By John Bone
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