Product Review - PetSafe Ssscat Spray Deterrent

Cats capering across the countertops and dogs digging in the garbage... keeping your pets from going where they aren't meant to be is easy if you pet-proof your home.

There are many reasons you may want to keep certain areas or rooms of your house as pet-free zones. Stopping a pet from straying onto kitchen countertops that contain food, preventing a shaggy dog from shedding on the furniture, or stopping a furry feline from entering the bedroom of an allergy sufferer... whatever your rationale the Ssscat spray deterrent by PetSafe will keep your pets where they belong and out of trouble.

What is a Spray Deterrent?
The Ssscat spray deterrent is simply a harmless mist that is sprayed at an approaching pet, startling it and thus deterring it from continuing further.

The spray itself is odorless, won't leave a stain, is harmless to animals and humans and is also completely environmentally safe.

Ssscat is simple but ingenious
What's in the Box?
Ssscat is a simple system anyone can use. It consists of a canister of harmless mist (it's about the size of a can of hairspray) and a cap attachment that contains a clever motion sensor and a spray nozzle.

Just attach the cap to the canister, place it where you are trying to prevent your pet from going, and it will automatically sense an approaching animal and deliver a harmless spray to deter them.

Does Ssscat Work?
You bet it does! There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing how effective Ssscat spray deterrent can be, and over 50% of people gave the Ssscat a 5-star review on However, if you are still unconvinced, watch this video of a 400lb tiger being kept in check by a single Ssscat deterrent device.

By John Bone
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