Healthier Happier Pets Through Better Nutrition

Proper nutrition is important for a dog's health and wellbeing
We're all aware that "we are what we eat" and because of this we try to eat as responsibly as possible. But what about our pets? Often the pet foods they eat aren't as nutritionally rich as the foods we eat, and this shortfall in nutrients can have a damaging effect on their physical wellbeing.

Food Is More Than Just Fuel for the Body
What pets eat has a direct effect on their health and wellness. Because pets are so active their bodies face greater stresses than ours, and without a good nutritional diet these stresses can become physical ailments. For example, without the right levels of nutrients a pet will be more prone to hip and joint problems and its immune system may not be as strong.

Prudence promotes healthy joints for your pet
From Pet Feeders to Pet Feeders
Bergan is probably best known for its innovative pet products and accessories such as toys, leashes, pet waterers and pet feeders. Content that its feeders were of the very highest standards, the folks at Bergan were less than happy about the nutritional supplements people were feeding to their dogs. The logical step was to develop its own line of pet supplements.

Partnering with leading animal nutritionists and supplement experts, Bergan developed the range of Prudence pet supplements. Prudence combines the most effective ingredients that can be readily absorbed into a dog's system to maximize the nutritional benefits.

Natural Ingredients for the Best Results

The difference behind Bergan's Prudence supplements

Prudence contains three key natural ingredients not found in other supplements.
  • Krill Oil - A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that help cats and dogs build healthy coats of hair.
  • Natural Egg Membrane - Wards against arthritis and other joint-related issues.
  • Hyperimmunized Egg - Boosts the immune system and stabilizes bacteria in a pet's stomach.

No More Pet Pills
Because the members of the Bergan team are all pet owners, they knew how hard it was to get pets to swallow pills, so the easy answer was to do away with the pill entirely. The Prudence range comes in either a dried powder or liquid format that can be sprinkled or pumped onto a pet's food respectively. Never again will you have to chase Fido around the house to get him to take a supplement pill, instead every time he eats his meal he'll be eating all the right nutrients he needs to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

By John Bone
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