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If you want your pet to fly with you this probably isn't what you had in mind.

Doesn't matter what time of year it is, we always seem to be travelling. Gone are the days of a week away in the summer and the big family get together over thanksgiving, nowadays everyone is constantly on the moveā€¦

Spring Break for the younger generation, Easter and Memorial Day weekends, 4th of July and Labor Day weekends, summer break and of course 'the holidays' comprising Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. Even if you only journey for half of these it's still a lot of travelling, and if you have business trips to go on that only adds to the miles spent trekking all over the place.

Traveling can be Confusing and Stressful for Pets

Travelling can sometimes be stressful for any of us, but for one member of the family it can be especially so - your pet. They can't fully understand what's going on; why are they cooped up in the car for so long; or what are these strange surroundings with so many unknown people in them that you and I recognize as airports, train terminals and cruise ports.

Trying to transport a confused or disoriented pet while negotiating security at the airport, or controlling an anxiety-ridden dog on a road trip is only going to add to your stress. But there are ways to make travelling more comfortable for you and your furry friends.

The Bergan pet carrier is comfortable, stylish and full of user-friendly features.

Pet carriers and pet car accessories will make travelling so much more pleasant for you and your pets.

Travel by Plane or Train: Pet Carriers by Bergan

Simple and stylish, a Bergan pet carrier is an essential piece of luggage for anyone embarking on a flight or cruise. Restful fleece beds line the insides and plenty of mesh panels allow your pets to see what's going on around them. Bergan's Comfort Carriers are also full of user-friendly features such as the unique 'Pet Connect' opening that allows you and your pet to bond and stay connected, and there are spacious pockets to store leashes, toys and other essentials. There's even a wheeled pet carrier for even easier travel. Each Comfort carrier is airline compliant and there is also a loop to attach to a safety belt when travelling by car. Looks like Bergan thought of everything!

Bergan's pet barrier keeps Fido safe in the back seat.

Travel by Car: Bergan's Pet Travel Accessories

If your travel plans revolve around your vehicle then Bergan has you covered there too. From the Pet Travel Barrier to seat protectors, comfortable cargo mats and pet harnesses, you can drive anywhere and be safe in the knowledge that your pet is safe and comfortable as well. Whether it's an out of state road trip or a drive across town, traveling by car is made so much easier with Bergan.

By John Bone
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