Product Review – The ‘Booster Bath’ Dog Bath

Doggie bath time always comes around too soon

When it comes to bath time dogs can be a lot like kids: some of them love it, some of them hate it, but either way it always seems to end up creating one heck of a big mess. So what do you do? You put off washing your dog for as long as possible…

Bathing your dogs needn’t be such a chore. In fact with a Booster Bath it can be just as easy as the professionals make it look at the pet grooming salons.

At Last – Dog Bathing Made Easy!

The Booster Bath raises your dog to a manageable height and keeps it contained, which gives you complete 360-degree access to it as you wash. Kiss goodbye to the problems you encounter trying to wash Fido in the backyard with a hose: there’ll be no more stooping and crouching, and no more juggling a leash, hose and shampoo bottle while simultaneously washing and rinsing.

What’s in the Box?

The Booster Bath has everything you need to effortless wash your dog

Each Booster Bath comes with a comfortable non-slip rubberized mat, 3-point restraint system, fan nozzle, shampoo caddy and a 6-foot drain hose. The legs and Booster Bath are durable ¼-inch thick UV stabilized polypropylene that snap together quickly and easily, and the whole thing weighs a mere 12lbs (medium) or 16lbs (large). Don’t think that lightweight means light-duty; the medium Booster Bath will hold 75lbs and the large150lbs.

If you check any of the following boxes a Booster Bath is definitely for you:
  • Don’t have a backyard area to wash a dog.
  • Have long haired dogs that would otherwise clog the drain with hair.
  • Live in a cold climate where outdoor washing is often uncomfortable.
  • Have outdoor or hunting dogs that require frequent washing.
  • Have limited indoor space in which to wash a dog.
  • Encounter backache when stooping/crouching down to wash a dog at ground/bathtub level.

The Booster Bath is very nicely thought out and engineered. It fits together in a snap (no pun intended) and you can remove the legs for easy storage. The rubberized anti-slip mat is a very nice touch, as is the sturdy 3-point restraint. But best of all it allows you 360-degree access to your pet while you wash. In addition the Booster Bath can be used indoors or outdoors and is very easily moved.

93% of Booster Bath Owners Love it!

A good way to determine if a product is successful is to see what existing users have to say about it. With 93% of all reviewers giving it a 4 or 5-star review (75% are 5-star at the time of writing) it’s pretty obvious the Booster Bath is a very popular product.

Is it Too Good to be True?

If only washing your dog was this easy…

Not really, Booster Bath claims it makes washing a dog quicker and easier and it lives up to its promise.

Perhaps the only criticism is that the Booster Bath doesn’t completely eradicate the mess associated with dog washing. Yes it stops hair and dirt going down the bathtub drain, but nothing will stop Fido from shaking himself dry and so a bit of errant water here and there is inevitable.

A clean, odorless pet is a far more loveable pet, and in that respect the Booster bath belongs in every dog lover’s home.

By John Bone
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