A Look at the Modern Scarecrow

The Contech ScareCrow is also great for keeping your in-laws from stopping by unannounced.
Whether you're trying to protect a community garden, your own personal koi pond or just trying to keep feral cats from stomping around in your flower beds, a line of defense is usually in order. Many people think that a fence or chemicals is the best course of action, but they can end up doing more bad than good by poisoning your food or have runoff into a pond.

In the old days, a protective screen over a pond or a fence around your garden would be the most advanced way to keep out furry intruders. However, today we have a better option. With today's technology, companies have been able to make motion sensors affordable for any home owner to purchase. The Contech Motion Activated ScareCrow is a popular choice for those who need protection from different types of wildlife.

Just like old-fashioned scarecrows, the ScareCrow Sprinkler stands alone in your yard to yield off pesky critters. Yet, unlike the old school scarecrows, where animals get used to the sight of the scarecrow and will eventually rest in its shade or perch on its shoulder, the ScareCrow Sprinkler will always scare off pests.The only thing these scarecrows are good for are Halloween and nightmares. The reason is this modern take on the scarecrow creates a 1,200 sq. ft. barrier between your land and the animals. The Scarecrow Sprinkler uses a standard 9 volt battery (which lasts six-months) to operate its motion sensors. Any animals that come into the protected area are blasted with a squirt of water that keeps noisy critters at bay.

Risks from Rodents
Rodents, especially raccoons and opossums take pleasure in scrounging around backyard gardens and flower beds. Although they might look cute, there are about half a dozen diseases that can be contracted by coming into contact with rodents or their droppings. If you're not protective about your property, you may run the risk of contracting potentially fatal diseases or illnesses.

  • Leptospirosis - Contracted by contact with a rodents urine (or on plant matter where the animal has used). Without treatment, Leptospirosis can lead to kidney damage, meningitis (inflammation of the membrane around the brain and spinal cord), liver failure, respiratory distress, and even death.
  • Rabies - Probably the best known viral infection from rodents causes convulsions, drooling, fever and if untreated can lead to a coma or death.
  • Salmonella - Rodents that use your garden as a bathroom are giving you the risk of illness. E. Coli or Salmonella is easily spreadable from the contact of their feces with your food.
  • Baylisascaris procyoni - Particularly popular with raccoons, this parasite is found in most raccoons' digestive tracts. The parasite's eggs are released through the digestive tract and can infect humans who eat the food surrounding it. Though rare in humans, the symptoms are serious and it can cause death if untreated.

If you're looking to protect your yard from critters, a fence or chemicals are a thing of the past, not to mention they're unsightly an dangerous. A well-placed ScareCrow Sprinkler could be just the thing to keep rodents out of your garden. Aside from chewing up plants, stealing fish from ponds and wrecking your beautiful yard, many animals carry dangerous diseases that can harm you or your family. The next time an unwelcomed animal comes scurrying across your property, consider a non-lethal, modern way of protecting your investment and your family.

By Sean Bowes
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