Contech ScareCrow Motion Activated Sprinkler

If a person's home is their castle, then surely their backyard is their kingdom. Just like a King or Queen you want to keep your kingdom protected against unwanted intruders which in the case of your garden means the deer, cats, raccoons, herons, rodents and many other pesky critters.

Uninvited Guests in Your Backyard

Deer would love to eat those plants and Herons would pick the pond clean
These uninvited guests present problems for pet owners and non-pet owners alike. Anyone with a koi pond fears a visit from Herons who are notorious for decimating fishponds in a matter of minutes. Raccoons will also help themselves to a tasty fish treat if given the opportunity, or rummage through your trash to generally make a mess. Neighboring cats will also make a move on fishponds, as well as bullying your own cat or harassing smaller pets such as rabbits.

Non-pet owners are no less vulnerable to unwanted animal visitors. Deer pose a major threat to well-kept flowerbeds and floral displays, snacking on your best plants with glee. Rats and rodents will eat the produce from your vegetable patch long before you have the chance to pick any, and every cat in the neighborhood will be all too happy to use your beautifully manicured lawn as an oversized litter tray.

H2O is the Way to Go

The ScareCrow sees off a deer from the backyard
Ugly netting over ponds, unsightly fences for flowerbeds detract from your garden's beauty; and chemicals and poisons are unhealthy. Relying on nothing more than a jet of H2O to startle and repel intruders, the ScareCrow Motion Activated Animal Deterrent will successfully and safely keep your yard free from uninvited animals and pests.

The Scarecrow Gets a 21st Century Makeover
Just like the scarecrows of old, the ScareCrow sprinkler by Contech sits unobtrusively in your yard, but this ScareCrow actually fights back against animal intruders. Just attach a garden hose to the ScareCrow sprinkler, strategically set it in place and your yard will be protected against unwanted animals and birds.

The ScareCrow's infrared motion sensor (it works just as well by night as it does by day) detects the slightest movement, triggering it to shoot a burst of water to repel the intruder. It's a formidable animal deterrent that is highly effective.

Perhaps the best thing about the Scarecrow is that it's completely harmless and eco-friendly - it only uses water, after all! Each burst uses about 3 cups of water and power is supplied by a single 9-volt battery which lasts 6-months and makes the ScareCrow sprinkler incredibly cheap to run. In fact you can even set it up without it being connected to a water supply; the sound of the unit activating is usually sufficient to scare away animal intruders.

If you are in any doubt about the ScareCrow's effectiveness, just watch this video of a ScareCrow sprinkler going up against a giant Black Bear. Far cheaper than fences and traps, and way better for your garden and the environment than chemicals and poisons, the ScareCrow Motion Activated Animal Deterrent will protect your yard and keep it beautiful for you to enjoy.

By John Bone
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