Wrought Iron Dog Beds

Wrought Iron Dog Bed

Pet Street Mall is proud to feature Wrought Iron Dog Beds. Wrought Iron Dog Beds are a beautiful way to treat your pet to a luxurious spot to rest and sleep as well as add a piece of furniture to your home that everyone will notce and appreciate. We offer this wrought iron dog bed with two separate types of mattresses. Buy a Wrought Iron Dog Bed with a coil spring mattress or upgrade with the deluxe pillow top mattress. Your pet will love both matresses. You love your pet and you should show them by buying a Wrought Iron Dog Bed today!

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Mattresses for Wrought Iron Frame

These are the mattresses that can be used in conjunction with the wrought iron frame. We sell these beds alone, or in a package with the wrought iron frame, liners, and frame. Click the images below to purchase the beds alone.

Wrought Iron Dog Bed Packages

The Wrought Iron Dog Bed Packages comes in three separate versions that include the wrought iron frame, the fitted sheets, the bed liners, and your choice of one of three mattresses. Choose a package below.

Wrought Iron Dog Bed Accessories

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