Tri-Tronics Upland G3

  • 1/2 mile range
  • 10 levels of continuous stimulation (1/2 - 5)
  • 10 levels of momentary or "nick" stimulation (1/2 - 5)
  • Long lasting NiMH rechargeable receiver batteries
  • Stainless steel, insulated contact points
  • 100% Waterproof Training System
  • Remote controlled G2 Beeper
Tri-Tronics Upland G3
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The Tri-Tronics Sport Upland G3 beeper collar combines the popular Tri-Tronics Sport Basic G3 Remote Trainer with the feature packed in the Tri-Tronics Beeper. This design is similar to the TriTronics G2 Upland Special but gives trainers an option for a smaller more compact transmitter. This train and beep system acts as a full training collar with 10 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation and controls the beeper from the hand-held transmitter. The Tri-Tronics Sport Upland G3 is expandable to a 3 dog training system. You can have independent control of up to 3 bird dogs at one time from a tiny transmitter. The design is rugged and reliable. Compact and ergonomically shaped with a ribbed over-molded coating for improved comfort and grip. The new 1-1/2" fixed antenna is sleek and convenient and provides consistent signal 1/2 mile range this is one great waterproof unit with reliable features at an affordable price. Transmitter remotely operates accessories including the Beeper and Tracer E-Collar Light. Tri-Tronics Sport Upland G3 provides 10 levels of momentary and 10 levels of continuous stimulation.

The Tri-Tronics Sport Upland G3 beeper collar is 100% Waterproof and rechargeable. The Tritronics collars are made with a Lexan and is built tough to withstand all the pressures of tough terrain and weather conditions in numerous field sessions. There is a battery life indicator on the transmitter and receiver so you know when to charge the system or replace the battery. This collar is designed to indicate the amount of charge left on your collar. The 3-way LED indicator flashes green for a full charge, yellow for a 50% charge and RED for a 25% charge. Now the guessing game is gone when your collar needs to be put on charge. The new NiMH rechargeable battery offers long lasting performance and a rapid charge system that gets you back in the field with a full charge in 2 hours. The NiMH batteries technology ensures you can never overcharged and damage the batteries.

Tri-Tronics Sport Upland G3 Features:
  • Consistent 1/2 mile range
  • 10 levels of momentary and 10 levels of continuous stimulation
  • Transmitter remotely operates accessories including the Beeper and Tracer E-Collar Light
  • Waterproof Transmitter and Receiver
  • Allows easy one-hand operation without taking your eyes off your dog
  • Stimulation dial allows quick and easy stim level changes
  • 8 second safety cutoff on all stim levels
  • A no-stim "N" setting to avoid accidental stimulation
  • 1 ½ in fixed Transmitter antenna with enhanced performance eliminating lost or broken antennas
  • Multi-Dog selection switch colors match collar strap colors to identify dogs being stimulated
  • Compact, tough, and dependable Receiver
  • Easy to access Receiver on/off switch
  • Insulated contact points for reliable performance in wet conditions
  • Interchangeable long and short contact points for different coat thicknesses
  • Stainless steel contact points minimize neck irritation on the dog
  • Proprietary charging system allows indefinite charging without damage and a full charge in two hours
  • Charging Cradle eliminates need for jack or plug on Receiver
  • Lanyard for Transmitter included
  • Battery life indicator on Transmitter and Receiver so you know when to charge the system or replace the battery
  • Long lasting rechargeable, user replaceable, NIMH batteries for Receiver and non-rechargeable, user replaceable 9 volt battery for Transmitter
  • Additional Info

      Tri-Tronics Sport Basic G3 Collar:
    • New G3 Collars are 1/3 smaller & lighter with a low profile, improved curved shape, & improved collar strap guides.
    • The rugged, molded case is built to withstand all kinds of training & hunting conditions. These collars are practically indestructible because they are made from Lexan which is the same material used in bullet-proof windshields.
    • All Tri-Tronics Collars are 100% Waterproof. Perfect for Retrievers!
    • ON/OFF switch activated at the collar.
    • Waterproof & Removable battery pack.
    • 3-Way battery charge indicator with built-in test light & a new improved light tube.
    • Has an internal antenna system.
    • No exposed charging ports to gather debris, no covers to remove for charging.
    • Weight = 7.2 ounces.
    • Length = 27 inches (with receiver mounted to collar).
    • Receiver Dimensions = 2.5 X 1.5 X 1.5 inches (without collar strap).
    • Collar Dimensions = 29.5 X 1 inches (without receiver mounted).
    • Collars will fit dogs with neck sizes from 10-inches to 24-inches.
      Tri-Tronics Sport Basic G3 Transmitter:
    • Dimensions: 5.5 " tall X 2" wide X 1.75" deep
    • Weight: 4.83 ounces
    • User Replaceable 9v Battery
    • Sure-Grip Armored Rubber Coating

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