Thermo-Kitty Crinkle Sack Heated Cat Bed

  • Perfect play and sleep spot for any age cat.
  • Cats find the noisy walls irresistable.
  • Plush interior and soft heated floor.
  • Removable, energy efficient 4 watt heater.
  • Machine washable.
  • Dimensions: 15" x 12" x 10"
  • MET Listed
Thermo-Kitty Crinkle Sack Heated Cat Bed
in Sage (15" x 12" x 10")

Regular Price - $67.99
Sale Price - $44.95

The Thermo-Kitty Crinkle Sack Heated Cat Bed is the perfect play and sleep spot for any age cat. Built-in noisy walls, all cats find it as irresistible as that paper grocery bag left on the floor. With its plush interior and soft heated floor, it's bound to be kitty's favorite sleeping den as well. For year round fun and comfort, just pop the energy efficient 4 watt heater out.

The removable 4-watt heater plugs in to any standard household outlet and features dual thermostats. With your Furry Friend lying on the thermostatically controlled bed, the pet can bask in the comfort of 102 degrees; maintaining an ideal feline body temperature. Another thermostat setting keeps the heater 12 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature when not in use; keeping the warmth at the ready should Fifi decide that it’s nap time again. Pop the energy efficient heater out during the warmer months for year-round comfort. Machine washable for easy maintenance, the Crinkle is MET Listed and backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

  • 15-inch-long cat sleeping bag with integrated heater 4-watt dual thermostat heats to 102 degrees F when pet is present
  • Stays 12 to 15 degrees above room temperature when pet is not in bed
  • Recommended for year-round indoor use; plugs in to any household outlet
  • Measures 15 by 12 by 10 inches

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