Storage Dispenser - 30lbs
  • Dispense the exact amount you need
  • Squeeze pull handle to dispense
  • Includes a 1 quart serving cup
  • Hold up to 25 to 30 lb. bag of dry goods
  • Can be used for other goods beside pet food
Storage Dispenser - 30lbs
Regular Price - $89.99
Sale Price - $54.95

The RPI SD30 Multi-Use Storage Dispenser allows you to pour exactly the amount you need by simply inserting the included 1 quart serving cup and squeezing the pull handle. On average, the dispenser will hold a 25 to 30 lb. bag of dry goods, do not overfill cup or exceed more than 30lbs.

Use dispenser with:
  • Dog Food
  • Fertilizer
  • Kitty Litter
  • Fish Food
  • Bird Seed
  • Cat Food
  • Salt
  • Horse Minerals
  • Seed & Grains
  • Granular Chlorine
  • Oil Dry
  • Other Dry Products
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