Staywell is the premier manufacturer of pet doors. We carry Staywell dog doors and Staywell cat doors for all your needs. We feature traditional Staywell pet doors, as well as the Best Staywell selective entry pet doors. Including Staywell Infra Red Cat Doors and Staywell Magnetic Cat Doors.

Our variety of Staywell Pet Doors ensures that you will find the door to fit your needs. Staywell pet doors are renowned for their reliability and ingenious design. We have brought them all together on one page, so you can find the one that you need.

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Staywell Magnetic Cat Door

Staywell Magnetic Cat Door

4 way locking magnetic cat door.

Staywell Big Cat Door

Staywell Big Cat Door

4 way locking big cat door is great for big cats or small dogs.

Staywell Cat Flap

Staywell Cat Flap

4 way locking cat flap allows limited entry to your home.

Staywell Plastic Dog Door

Staywell Plastic Dog Door

The staywell plastic dog door has a lock so you can keep your pet in or out.


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Staywell Pet Doors: Staywell Cat Doors and Staywell Dog Doors

Staywell Plastic Dog Doors are a reliable choice for your pet. Staywells Plastic Dog Door offers a security barrier and is suitable for cats and dogs. The Staywell door fits well in wooden, pvc, upvc, and metal doors and walls.

Staywell Infra Red Cat Doors are a great staywell selective entry pet door. Staywell's Infra Red Cat Door uses color coded keys to allow your cats inside or out. The Staywell Infra Red Cat Door will only accept the code that is transmitted from the collars on your pets, making sure that only your pets are allowed in or out of your home. This Staywell door features four way locking, which allows you to choose between out only, in only, open, and locked. This staywell cat door includes a see through flap, and easy instructions. The Staywell Infra red door can work with metal, wood doors, screen doors, and walls. Staywells Infra Red Cat Door is a great choice if you want to make sure only the pet you select can get in and out of your home.

Staywell Magnetic Cat Doors are a great selective entry choice. The Staywell Magnetic Cat Door has a four way locking device that allows you to choose: in only, out only, fully locked, and fully unlocked. This Staywell door comes with a see through flap with a magentic seal, magnetic collar, and simple instructions on how to install. The Staywell Magentic Cat Door can not work on magnetic doors i.e. steel doors. To see if your door is compatiable with this staywell door see if a regular magnet is attracted to your door. If the magnet is attracted then your door is not comptiable with the staywell magnetic cat door.

In addition, we offer these excellent pet doors at the Lowest Prices you will find anywhere. Also, any order over $50 Ships For Free, so you can take advantage of aadditional savings. Come shop at Pet street Mall for Staywell Pet Doors from the comfort of your own home. Have a Staywell Pet Door delivered to your front door and konw that you are paying the Lowest Price anywhere!

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