Standard Doggie Dooley Leach Style System

  • Environmentally Safe Pet Waste Disposal
  • Designed for 1 or 2 Dogs
  • Foot Operated Lid Opener
  • Made in the USA!
  • For Up to 2 Dogs

Never deal with pet elimination again. With the new Doggie Dooley systems you won't have to. Simply use the no bending or stooping scooper to place the elimination in the in-ground Doggie Dooley. Meanwhile inside the Doggie Dooley the fast acting chemicals break the waste down. Thus never having to take out smelly trash bags again. Doggie Dooley utilizes the enzyme and bacteria action reducing dog waste to a ground absorbing liquid.

Standard Doggie Dooley Leach Model 3500
Regular Price - $68.99
Sale Price - $47.99

Slightly larger than Model 2000 and pyramid-shaped. Durable Doggie Dooley plastic parts are stronger, much easier to assemble and will not corrode or rust. Dooley unique open-bottom system has no need for separate overflow device. Provides safe disposal of pet waste and control of odors. Handy foot-operated lid has an above ground area of only an 8" square. 16" deep x 17-1/2" wide.

*PLEASE NOTE: Waste Disposal Systems do not work at temperatures below 40 degrees. The enzymes will not break down the waste at temperatures that low.

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