Canine Athlete Inflammation-Pain Relief
  • Recommended for senior dogs and those experiencing stiffness, sore muscles and joints due to exercise and normal activity
  • Esast-to-use wafers are aspirin free, for daily use in reducing aches and discomfort cause by natural aging and daily living
  • Special blend of antioxidants to help maintain metabolic efficiency and body structure

Your dog’s heart is still in the game, but the stiffness, sore muscles and joints that don’t move the way they used to are all part of the reality of life for hard-working Senior dogs. We’ve addressed the needs of 8-year-old-plus sporting dogs with our proprietary SENIOR ACHES formula. This all-natural blend promotes long-term health while at the same time dulling the pain that comes with a job well done.

Canine Athlete Inflammation-Pain Relief
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Q: Does Senior Aches Contain Asprin?
A: This product is not asprin and does not contain asprin.
Q: How long will it take the senior aches product to start working?
A: You should see results from the use of this product within 1-4 weeks.
Q: My dog is under 8 years old (or I don't know how old my dog is). Can I use this product?
A: This product should be safe for any adult dog. However, if you are at all concerned about giving your dog this formula, we suggest checking with your veterinarian.
Q: How do I know when to switch my dog from the Hip/Joint formula to Senior Aches?
A:You know your dog better than anyone. We suggest at the age of 8 switching your dog, but that may vary depending upon breeds. Larger dogs may show signs of stiffness and lack of mobility at an earlier age. Watch for these signs and always schedule regular check-ups with your veterinarian.
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