Canine Athlete Optimum Digestion
  • Advanced formula of five digestive enzymes focusing on the breakdown and absorption of protein, carbs, starch, fats and fiber
  • Contains both a prebiotic and a probiotic to aid digestion in the colon and support an overall healthy digestive tract
  • Pre-measured Easy-To-Use wafers

A healthy dog is an energetic dog. Maximizing the benefits of your sporting dog’s feed is critical to getting top performance during training and hunting. C9 DIGESTIVE ENZYMES is a supplement formulated with five digestive enzyme ingredients plus a prebiotic and a probiotic to support healthy digestive function and help maintain a healthy intestinal tract.

Canine Athlete Optimum Digestion
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Q:I am using this product for a specific reason (ease food trasition, weight gain, etc.). The problem has been resolved. Do I need to continue the use of C9 Digestive Enzymes?
A: For optimum performance, it is best to continue use od this product as directed. It will continue to help build and regulate your dog's system.
Q: How long should I use this product?
A: C9 Digestive Enzymes is recommended as a daily maintenance formula to aid in digestive health and overall immune health. If you wish to discontinue use, and problems recur, restart the program until the issues are resolved. Q: How many calories are in this product?
A: The C9 Digestive Enzymes contain 15 calories/wafer
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