Canine Athlete Maxhydrate
  • Perfect balance of vitamins and minerals to aid metabolic function for endurance and normal recovery
  • Micronized powder ingredients in 17 handy stick packs for quick and easy in-field mixing
  • Fortified with antioxidants that support absorption of fluids and vital nutrients to aid normal hydratuion and help maintain endurance and the body's normal recovery process
  • Contains no artificial colors

Go home early or go the extra mile? The choice is up to you. C9 HYDRATION helps maintain normal body fluid levels, provides antioxidants and reduces oxidative stress before, during and after the hunt. Make this proprietary blend of support ingredients part of your regular watering regimen, and spend more time in the field, where you – and your dog – want to be.

Canine Athlete Maxhydrate
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Q: After I mix the hydration product, how long is it good for?
A: C9 Hydration must be consumed withing 8 hours after being mixed with water.
Q: Can I freeze the hydration product after it has been mixed with water?
A: Yes, freezing is a great way to preserve the product. This keeps the vitamins and minerals fresh and prevents bacterial growth.
Q: How long should I store the product to keep it fresh the longest?
A: It is best to store the product in a cool, dry place; preferably away from sunlight.
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