Small Animal Bundle Habitat

    • 7" whisper wheel and water bottle
    • Deck and hammock with ladder
    • Bedding tray and carbon fresh pad
    Item Details:
    • Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 21.5"
    • Color: White
Innovative, modular and exciting, the Bio Bubble Terra Small Animal Bundle is a cutting edge design that allows you to experience your small pet in a whole new way.
Small Animal Bundle Habitat White 16" x 16" x 21.5"
Regular Price - $109.99
Sale Price - $76.95

The Terra Small Animal Bundle starts off by doubling the living space of your Bio Bubble by adding a Bungalow Deck, which is included in the bundle. This creates two unique levels for your small pet to play and sleep on. The lower level becomes a great space for ample amounts of bedding, which can be placed in the included bedding tray, while the second level becomes a perfect space for exercise, eating and playing with toys. The Terra Small Animal Bundle base is for land use. You can create a multi-level environment by putting a Bungalow Deck on top of multiple risers and stacking them to create a tall habitat. Bedding Tray that provides a proper base for additional substrate and is composed of acrylic plastic, carbon infused media pads with a large surface area that nestles underneath the bedding and fits perfectly into our Bedding Tray and helps to reduce pet’s odors. Small Animal Bundle Includes: terra base, 360 degree acrylic dome, cap, 4 riser clips, 12” cage riser 2 doors for easy access, water bottle, bungalow deck, 7" whisper wheel with holder, bedding tray, and carbon fresh pad. 7" whisper wheel and water bottle Deck and hammock with ladder Bedding tray and carbon fresh pad
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