Ideal Ruff WeatherPet Door

  • Injection Molded Dog Door with Structure Foam Adjustable Frame
  • Weather seal & Nylon Window Pile for Added Dog Door Insulation
  • Innovative Double Vinyl Dog Door Flaps
  • Floating Magnetic Bottom Seals
  • Simple 4 step installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty!
Medium Ruff Weather Door
8"W x 13"H Opening
Regular Price - $149.99
Sale Price - $109.99
X-Large Ruff Weather Door
10 1/2"Wx 17"H Opening

Regular Price - $169.99
Sale Price - $129.99
Super Large Ruff Weather Pet Door
15" x 23 1/2" Opening

Regular Price - $289.99
Sale Price - $204.99
Ruff Weather Replacement Flap Extra Large
Regular Price - $39.99
Sale Price - $26.99
Ruff Weather Replacement Flap Medium
Regular Price - $47.99
Sale Price - $36.99
Super Large Ruff Weather Replacement Flap
Regular Price - $79.99
Sale Price - $59.99
The Ruff Weather Dog Door
  • Injection Molded Dog Door with Structure Foam Adjustable Frame
  • Weather seal & Nylon Window Pile for Added Dog Door Insulation
  • Innovative Double Vinyl Dog Door Flaps With Floating Magnetic Bottom Seals
  • Extra large Door opening - 10 1/2" x 17"
  • Ruff Weather Door - Simple 4 step installation
  • Medium door opening - 8" x 13"
  • Ruff Weather Dog Door - Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Ruff weather pet door or ideal ruff weather dog door is another ideal dog door used to protect dog and pet against any kind of weather. Whether it is rainy day or sunny day, containing your dog will never be a problem. With the high quality materials used in creative construction of this dog door, every pet owner definitely has the confidence to leave their little friend. Knowing that they are safe and sound inside the contained area, leaving them alone at home won’t be a problem.

The ideal ruff weather door basically looks like an ordinary door smaller than what we commonly use and can be placed at the doorway to serve as an appropriate passageway for our smaller friend. The all-new appearance is an extremely weather-tight plastic framed door especially made for dogs. It has an exceptional dual clear vinyl flap design with magnetic bottom seals. This dual flap design is amazingly created for the better protection of your pet. The frame has structural foam that was constructed for a safer passageway and to prevent your dogs from being hooked or scratched on the corner of the door. The nylon pile and weather seal window is also an additional design for a much better look and outcome of the ruff weather door padding. The opening section is large enough to accommodate any size and breed of dogs. Your furry friend will definitely be in love with the looks and performance of this extraordinary door.

Aside from its unusual look, dogs will also be encouraged in using ruff weather dog door because of the comfortable and luxury lifestyle it gives. Having this ideal dog door as their main entrance and exit, every man’s best friend will feel so relaxed and welcome to be part of your home and family. This kind of door is incomparable to other kind of pet doors due to the fact that the distance between the flaps can be increased in order to provide more insulating ventilation and open space for your family pet. This ideal dog door from Pet Street Mall is manufactured in a thick and durable plastic frame. The frame extends beyond the door from where it is mounted by about 3 inches on the inner surface and 3 inches on the outer surface. For extra strength and longer usage, the flaps are mounted at the outmost section of the door frame. Therefore, the flap design creates approximately about 7 inches of well-ventilated space in between the flaps when it is set up in a regular door. That’s why the output is a tough and sturdy door that is so ideal for extreme climates. And because the doors are made with a plastic frame, it will not rust like an aluminum or steel door especially when exposed in places near the ocean. Nylon pile weather strips are the basic material used in the two flaps which are quality sealed and constructed for maximum performance. The thought of using plastic materials and locking cover in constructing the frame and the door comes mainly from the idea that it can be a great design and structure for vacation homes. This ruff weather dog door is perfect for pet owners who seldom change residence and an ultimate choice due to its limited lifetime warranty.

The dual flap design is also an advantage especially for pet owners with kids or swimming pool in the yard. This can also serve as a great partition to separate your dogs from your cat. It can also be the best guard of your pet against other stray animals and their enemies. When the first flap was removed, the second flap serves as another protection. Creativity and safety is the main intention of creating a ruff weather dog door. You can even teach your dogs how to use their own ruff weather door and properly behave. Besides, it’s really very important for pet owners to place an ideal dog door particularly in the kitchen. Because this can also serve as the only passageway of your pets preventing them to jump over the window or scratch the walls or door frames. Aside from that, you will now get rid of being a doorman for your pet as he enters or leave your house. Since we know that pet owners want their dogs to be safe at all times, ruff weather door is the best answer for all your needs. For sure, your dog will no longer give you any trouble and bother you on whatever you are doing. This is definitely an instant pet protection and a wonderful solution! So if you really care for your loyal pet, why not give them not just single but dual protection! The ruff weather dog door is probably the best and exact tool you need in this kind of situation.

 All Weather Insulated Ruff Weather Pet Door

Measuring Your Pet is as Easy as 1-2-3!

Choosing the correct size door for your pet is not difficult. Remember you can always get a door which is a little bit larger, but do not get a door which is too small. Here are some guide lines and suggestions to help. If you have more than one pet, you will need to focus on the larger dog.
Door Sizes and Pet Weight:

If your cat is smaller than about 15 lbs or your dog smaller than about 8 lbs, a flap size of around 5" x 7".

If your dog is between 8 lbs and 35 lbs consider a flap size around 8" x 11".

If your dog is between 35 lbs and 80 lbs consider a flap size around 10" x 15".

If your dog is over 80 lbs consider a flap size of 15” x 20”.
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