Premium Heated Pet Bed

  • This Heated Pet Bed comes with an easy to remove heater
  • K&H warming dog beds are MET listed.
  • Soft & Comfy 100% Cotton Cover!
  • Easily Removable Cover for Washing.
  • Not One but Dual Premium Thermostats.
  • The Premium Warming Dog bed is available in your choice of Blue or Sage/Cream.
Premium Heated Pet Bed 19 x 24 inches, with Blue Cotton Cover

Regular Price - $79.99
Sale Price - $54.95
Premium Heated Bed 36 x 38 inches, with Sage/Cream Cover

Regular Price - $119.99
Sale Price - $79.95

This Heated Dog Bed has an upscale look of an attractive poly-fiber-filled washable dog bed with the benefit of body temperature heat. This Dog Bed is recommended for year-round indoor use. The Thermo Heated Dog Bed has dual thermostats to regulate the temperature in this unique Thermal Dog Bed. The Dog Beds heater keeps the surface temperature of the dog bed approximately 12 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature. When the pet lies down on this Dog Bed it warms to a comfortable 102 degrees . The heater on this Dog Bed easily removes for washing, which makes the Dog Bed useable year round. MET listed. This Dog Bed is recommended for indoor use. A great bed for Dogs, keeps them warm and cozy. This Thermal Heated Dog Bed is a must for an older dog.

  • Soft & Comfy 100% Cotton Cover.
  • Easily Removable Cover for Washing.
  • Recommended for year-round indoor use Dual thermostats keep temperature to a comfortable 102°.
  • The surface of the bed will remain 12° to 15° above ambient air temperature.
  • Removable heater for washing Cover Color - Blue or Sage (washable).

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