Portable Pet Crates

Portable Pet Crates serve a variety of purposes. From Traveling via train, plane, or car portable pet cages are very useful. When you have to take your pet to visit somewhere, or to the vet make sure to use a portable dog kennel. Only dog porters can insure that your dog will be safely stowed in his portable pet carrier, and not being tossed around. We supply a great selection of portable dog crates, and some of our portable dog cages are even airline compatible.

Portable Pet Crates

Portable Pet Crates Information

Reminder: Always make sure your pet fits well in the portable pet crate. The pet should be able to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably in the cage.

Kennel Training: Dogs which have not been trained and properly oriented may initially resist confinement, particularly for long periods. Training should begin when your dog is a puppy. Once the dog accepts the portable dog kennel as its "den", you will have few problems getting the dog to enter the portable dog kennel or stay in it for several hours. There are numerous training aids available--tapes, books, articles--which provide guidance in this area, but since it is important to begin a training routine immediately, the following basic tips will give you a start. Never push or shove a pet into the kennel or use it as a means of punishment. Coax it in with toys or treats and reward it with praise. Do not leave a puppy unattended in a portable dog crate for more then two to three hours during the day. Young animals will need to relieve themselves often and do not like to soil their sleeping area or den. They will whine or bark so you can quickly take them outside. In this way the dog learns to tell you when it needs to go outside and that you approve. Place the kennel in your bedroom at night until the pet feels secure. Use old towels or blankets for bedding. Placing something in the kennel with your scent will help the pet feel more comfortable. When possible leave portable pet cage door open during the daytime in a restricted area so the dog can go in and out at will.

Cautions: PetMate portable dog kennels are engineered to hold pets safely and securely under normal use for many years of service. Used properly, PetMate portable dog kennels are an invaluable tool for travel safety and training. Please observe the following cautions and guidelines: When pet will travel by air, check with the airline at least two weeks in advance for their specific rules and requirements. Do not use PetMate portable pet crates in place of outdoor runs or long term holding cages. Young animals should be allowed out of their kennel well before the limits of their bladder and bowel control will tolerate. Many adult animals will tolerate kenneling during a normal workday, but a midday visit for airing and socializing with the animal is strongly encouraged. To avoid strangulation, never leave a pet unattended with a choker collar on, including inside a portable dog crate.

Do not allow children to play in, on, or around the kennel. Keep kennel door closed around children to eliminate the hazard of protruding hinge and latch pins.

Periodically inspect the plastic shell for cracks, especially after exposing the kennel to severe shocks, changes in temperature, or other harsh or challenging conditions. Check and tighten latches and screws periodically, especially before moving your animal in the kennel.

Discourage aggressive behavior in the kennel. Biting, chewing, licking, ramming, or pawing at either the plastic shell or metal wire parts may result in injury to the pet or damage to the kennel. These are excluded under the product's warranty. Exercise caution when closing and opening the kennel door to avoid catching pet's paws, tail, or snout in mechanism.

Avoid heat injury or death. Never leave pets in a closed car on a hot day or in direct sun. Car windows have a greenhouse effect; temperatures can rise to well over 100 degrees (F) inside a closed car within minutes. Similarly, never leave a pet unattended in its kennel in direct sunlight. Important: Positive training will help your pet to accept this product as a desirable place to rest. Introduce pet to its kennel while supervising. Start with the door open and leave familiar items or treats in kennel. Once the pet enters on its own, close the door, observing and soothing pet as needed. Never use this product for punishment. Leave the pet's line of sight for increasing periods until the pet stays calm. Never leave your pet alone and confined for extended periods. Chewing, scratching, or biting at any part of the kennel may result in injury. These behaviors indicate that more training is needed and they should be discouraged gently.

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