Petstages ORKA Jack
  • Treats can be stuffed in arm for added excitment.
  • Durable material designed to stand up to tough chewers.
  • Multiple textures for added interest.
  • It bounces and floats.
Petstages ORKA Jack - Small
4" x 4" x 1"
Regular Price - $11.99
Sale Price - $7.95

Designed for dogs that love to chew, these unique ORKA chew toys are durable, non-toxic, synthetic rubber. The ORKA material is chewy which keeps a dog's interest and satisfies his desire to gnaw. The toys bounce and float, making if fun to throw, chase and retrieve.

Available for dogs large and small, the Orka Jack helps to rid your dog's teeth of plaque as he romps and plays. Made of a durable, non-toxic, synthetic rubber to last through hours of chewing fun. Great for power chewers, the Jack has multiple chewing textures for added interest. An entertaining toy for solo-play, your dog will love how it bounces unpredictably with a simple toss. To add to the magic, treats can be stuffed in the arms to keep your dog occupied while you're away, or to give your dog a stimulating challenge. The options are endless, the fun is everlasting!

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