PetSafe UltraSmart 16 Gauge Dog Fence
  • Containment Up To 25 Acres
  • Lightweight
  • Tough composite plastic collar
  • Self diagnostics assure a correct connection and signal
  • Waterproof collar
  • Patented "Progressive Correction" technology
  • Automatically adjusting levels
  • Rechargeable, long lasting lithium ion battery
  • Contour fit collar
  • Warning tone
PetSafe UltraSmart 16 Gauge Dog Fence
Regular Price - $471.99
Sale Price - $329.95

16 Gauge Boundary Wire (500 ft.)

Regular Price - $107.99
Sale Price - $74.95

Premium, Heavy-Duty, Long-Lasting 16-Gauge Wire Kit
500 ft. of wire, 50 Flags, & 2 Splices

Regular Price - $85.99
Sale Price - $59.95

100 Above Ground Wire Installation Staples

Regular Price - $24.99
Sale Price - $16.99

Containment System Lightning Protector

Regular Price - $49.99
Sale Price - $39.99

Extra UltraSmart Collar Charging Station IUA-005

Regular Price - $29.99
Sale Price - $22.99

Boundary Flags (50)

Regular Price - $17.99
Sale Price - $14.99

PetSafe UltraSmart 16G Information

The 16 gauge UltraSmart containment system from PetSafe stands apart from many other systems mainly because of how amazing the collar is and what all it can do. The collar is contoured for your dogs comfort along with being lightweight, slim and waterproof so your dog can comfortably wear it for hours. Running on a lithium ion battery with AA battery backup (AA’s not included) you won’t have to worry about being a little forgetful on the recharging. Using 16 gauge wiring, the system will monitor your dog to keep them safely contained within the boundary you've set up.

What you’ll need to do:

After you've made your purchase I’d suggest taking the time to decide how you want the cabling laid out so that when your kit arrives you’ll be ready. Once it does come you’ll want to charge the collar first while you’re laying the wiring it can be charging. Remember that you can lay the cable so block any parts of the yard you don’t want your dog in such as the flower bed or home garden. After you have placed the wire you can secure it through burying or use ground staples. Then you can place the boundary flags around the perimeter. The flags are important in the beginning so your dog can have a visual cue as to where they are allowed to go. Look through the videos on this page to learn more about setup.

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