• Motion Detector Activated
  • Harmless, Painless
  • Scentless and Stainless
  • Repels pets for up to one meter
  • Leaves no residue
  • Requires no training
  • 100% safe for pets, humans and environment
PetSafe Ssscat
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3.89oz Ssscat Refill
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The SssCat is brought to you by PetSafe and it’s a great product for keeping your cat off of countertops, out of plants and planters, and away from anything else in your home or yard. When your cat gets too close to whatever you’d like to deter it from there will be a spray emitted which will teach your cat to stay away from that area. Of course it’s possible that a couple sprays will be wasted in the beginning because your cat may be curious and will set it off an extra time or two in trying to understand what’s occurring. After that the cat should stay away or the SSSCat will keep it away. The system uses an odorless spray so you won’t have to worry about your cat smelling or any scent related allergies being an issue on your part.

One thing that is really great about this type of system is that the corrections happen on their own even without you knowing and because it does all the work your pet won’t connect the experience to you unlike if you had to constantly shoo your pet off of counters etc. This will keep your pets attitude towards you in higher spirits than if you were actively involved in all the corrections.

How it works:
Utilizing a spray can and a motion detector the SSSCat will quickly dispense an odorless spray that will startle your cat and over time educate them that they are not allowed there. The sensor has a 3 foot range so as to prevent any unwanted spray occurrences. Each can has 200 sprays so the can that comes with this will last you a good long while. Additional cans can be purchased as well. Not included in your purchase is the batteries needed for the motion detector of which 4 AAA are needed. An added bonus to the SSSCat over similar systems is it has an adjustable nozzle which allows you to have more control over the corrections your able to do.


    Package Contents:
  • Adjustable SSSCAT™ Motion Setector
  • 1 Spray Can
  • User Guide

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