PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer

    • A Fast, Easy, & Gentle way to trim your pet's nails.
    • Works on Any Size dog or cat!
    • Won't Crack, Splinter, or Break Nails.
    • Built-In Guide.
    • Quiet, High Speed Motor.
    • You and your pet will love this ingenious little device!
    • Uses 2 C Batteries (Not Included).

The PediPaws™ Pet Nail Trimmer gently and painlessly files your pet’s rough nails, leaving them
well trimmed, rounded, and smooth. Say goodbye to scratched furniture and floors forever!

PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer
Regular Price - $19.99
Sale Price - $17.95


The PediPaws™ Pet Nail Trimmer is the revolutionary nail trimmer for your pet. It’s the newest and fastest way to keep your pet’s nails trim rounded and smooth with no mess! Now you can easily trim your pet’s nails anywhere without the pain caused by traditional nail clippers. The secret is PediPaws™’ precision emery filing wheel that gently removes thin layers of nail to leave your pet’s paws touchably soft and your home safe from scratches. The unique protective cap allows only the perfect amount of nail to be removed and contains all the filings so there’s no mess! Start treating your pet like one of the family. You and your pet will love PediPaws™!

How many and what size or type batteries are used? The PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer requires two "C" batteries.

Can the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer be used for any size pet? Yes, the design of the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer allows it to be used on dogs and cats of all sizes.

How often do I have to change the emery wheel? This varies from pet to pet. Some pets have denser nails than others, which will require you to change the emery bands more frequently. Just like emery boards which are commonly used as a beauty product for filing human nail, our experience with PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer emery bands is that you should typically get about a month of use per band.

Does it come in any other colors? The standard PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer only comes in the color shown.

What is the life expectancy of the motor? The motor is made of high quality components that's proven to be very satisfying after extensive, long term use.

PediPaws Replacement Heads

    • 12 Replacement Heads
    • Professional Quality Emery Heads
    • Provides Safe and Gentle Trimming
    • Custom Designed Fit for PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer

As you know the secret to Pedi Paws amazing results is it's high quality filing head. This precision engineered emery head gives your pet's nails a smooth and gentle trimming but like any disposable emery files, after several uses this filing head will begin to wear and you'll need to order replacement heads. So to insure that the emery filing head will ALWAYS provides the best results- we recommend custom designed replacement heads for your Pedi Paw. The professional quality emery heads are specifically engineered and provide a custom designed fit for your Pedi Paws.

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