Paws Aboard Blue and Yellow Dog Life Jacket

    • Our "Blue and Yellow" design makes a perfectly safe dog life jacket for hanging out on the deck or the dock.
    • Made to provide ultimate buoyancy & high visibility.
    • Equipped with heavy-duty, yet more comfortable, Velcro® fastening system around the belly & neck.
    • Breathable mesh underbelly for proper draining & drying.
    • Handle on top for quick & easy grabbing.
Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket Sizing:
Size Weight Length Neck Girth Body Girth
XXS 0-6lbs/0-3kgs 6.5" 17cm 7-9" 18-23cm 11-16" 28-41cm
XS 7-15lbs./3-7kgs 8.5" 22cm 8-12" 20-31cm 15-19" 38-48cm
S 15-20lbs/7-9kgs 11" 28cm 12-20" 31-51cm 17-22" 43-56cm
M 20-50lbs./9-23kgs 14" 36cm 20-25" 50-62cm 21-30" 53-76cm
L 50-90lbs./23-40kgs 16" 41cm 24-30" 60-76cm 30-37" 76-94cm
XL 90lbs/40kgs 20" 51cm 29-34" 72-87cm 36-44" 92-112cm
Paws Aboard Blue and Yellow Dog Life Jacket - XXS
Regular Price - $32.99
Sale Price - $22.95

Paws Aboard
Paws Aboard Blue and Yellow Dog Life Jacket Information:

This Blue and Yellow Dog Life Jacket from Paws Aboard is available for any size dog whether a toy Chihuahua or an Akita there’s a life jacket perfectly fitted for your pet. Keep your dog safe with the added buoyancy this life jacket provides. The mesh underbelly helps properly drain and dry so that no chafing will occur and prevents heat exhaustion from happening to your beloved dog. Pet Street Mall has Low Prices and Free Shipping on orders over $50.

Product Features
Dog Boat Ladder
Dog Boat Ladder

Pet Street Mall also offers the Dog Boat Ladder. A great complement to our dog life jackets, the Dog Boat Ladder attaches to boats and docks.

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