Fantasia Pak O Pet in Pink
  • Long Handle
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Cellphone Pouch (attached to the side)
  • Back pocket
  • Two side panels
  • Inside security leash
  • Bottom panel with padding and cushion cover
  • Ships for Free!
Petite Fantasia Pak O Pet in Pink
11"Length x 6.5"Width x 8.5"Height
Regular Price - $285.99
Sale Price - $199.95
X-Small Fantasia Pak O Pet in Pink
12.5"Length x 7"Width x 10"Height

Regular Price - $294.99
Sale Price - $205.95
Small Fantasia Pak O Pet in Pink
14"Length x 8.5"Width x 11"Height

Regular Price - $299.99
Sale Price - $209.95
Medium Fantasia Pak O Pet in Pink
16.5"Length x 10.5"Width x 11.75"Height

Regular Price - $308.99
Sale Price - $215.95

The Celltei Pak-O-Pet is the best way to transport dogs and cats in style. Each carrier is made from lightweight fabrics so it's easy for you to carry and most importantly is designed for optimum comfort for your pet.
These carriers are perfect for discrete shopping trips as they look like a regular bag. They are also perfect for puppies before they complete their shots and transporting on holiday or to the vet.


  • Long handles
  • Shoulder strap
  • Waterproof floor tray set
  • Car seat loop
  • Two side panels to store things.
  • Inside security leash
  • Climate control compartment (interior)
  • One zipper side pocket/one secured by Velcro
  • Small front pocket secured by Velcro
  • Large exterior back pocket
  • Back pocket flap for securing seat belt

Available in the following sizes:
XS 12.5"(L) x 7"(W) x 10"(H)
Ideal for up to 4.5 lbs (2kg) but will carry up to 6 lbs. (2.7 kg)

Small 14"(L) x 8.5"(W) x 11"(H)
Ideal for up to 6 lbs. (2.7 kg) but will carry up to 8 to 10 lbs. (2.6 to 4.5kg)

Medium 16.5"(L) x 10.5"(W) x 11.75"(H)
Ideal for up to 12 lbs but will carry up to 20 lbs. (9.7 kg)

1. Double zipper head with auto-locked device
All the closure zipper heads have a safety pin to prevent the zipper from sliding without lifting the zipper puller from outside. This is a very important feature to ensure your pet cannot force his or her way out and accidentally runs away. We recommend this as a requirement for all airline carry-on pet carriers.

2. Structural and Interior Support System
Semi-rigid plastic panels have been built in to provide structural support to all CellteiĀ® carriers. A separate pair of detachable roof support panels allow the carrier to be pressed down when needed without collapsing onto the pet. This proprietary feature makes CellteiĀ® carriers a superior product to fit the 9?to 11?height under the airplane seat for in cabin airline travel with your pet (please read the Travel Info page).

3. Security Leash
An inside security leash is both a restraining and stable devise for your pet as your pet may be standing at the edge of the open ront window to spot the next beauty in the block or just a better view when you go backpacking!

4. Interior Water Bottle Holder
A built-in water bottle (with the dispensing tube) holder enables your pet to have access to water at will when it is staying inside the carrier. As most water bottles with the dispensing tube drip if the air pressure inside the bottle changes, please put the water bottle in upright position when the carrier is in motion. The water bottle is usually called small animal water feeder and can be purchased from most pet shops.

5. Air Conditioning Compartment
A compartment with netting opening facing inside and waterproof lining on the back wall is for storing a ice pad, heat pad or non-toxic odor removing pad. It provides a temporary air conditioning solution to keep your pet cool or warm. Just throw a few extra ice pads in the cooler next time you sun-bathe with your pet.

6. Waterproof Floor Padding and Tray Set
A floor tray set includes a thin padding, a plastic panel to reinforce the base and a waterproof tray with 1?rim. It comes in handy when we are pressed for time and must hop on the car, train, bus or plane without letting out the pet. The tray is attached to the base securely by velcro and both the padding and tray are machine washable. The floor tray set is optional for the Heart and Lite series.

7. Ventilation and Privacy
CellteiĀ® carriers are proprietary design with careful considerations to maximize ventilation and offer the pet the comfort of security he or she always wants. Whether it is a side curtain or a patterned mesh, substantial consideration is made to enable a discreet design and privacy many owners want to bring along their pets wherever they go.

8. Car safety
Whether it is a flap or loops, you can strap the carriers to the car and have your pet rides safely with you. For Tote-o-Pet and Pet-on-the-Go, we have only added this feature to the new Basic line. this feature will be added in the next production of the other Tote-o-Pet and Pet-on-the-Go lines.

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