Outdoor Liquid Ant Killer Bait

Product Description
This highly effective, unique liquid baiting technique kills the ants you see, and the ants you don’t. To use, simply place the pre-filled ant bait stakes into the ground near areas where ants have been observed. Then sit back and relax. Your work is complete.

Bait, Wait, Eliminate: Effective, long-term control of ants is dependent on baiting the worker ants – the ants you see marching indoors and outdoors around your house – with the unique TERRO liquid ant bait formulation. As worker ants forage for food, they are drawn to the sweet liquid in the Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes. While the active ingredient in the bait will ultimately kill the worker ants by interfering with their digestive system, it is designed to kill slowly. This slow kill gives the foraging ants adequate time to return to their nest and deliver a deadly dose of bait to the ants hiding out in the colony. How does the liquid ant bait work to control ant invasions?

Adult worker ants cannot digest solid food, they can only transport and digest liquids. That’s what makes this product so effective – the ants can easily digest and transport the liquid bait back to the rest of the colony. As ants search for food, they are drawn to the sweet liquid in the Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes. The active ingredient works slowly enough to allow time for the foraging ants to deliver it back to the rest of the nest. Within a few days of placing the ant stakes, there will be a significant decline in the number of ants visiting the bait.

  • Contains 8 patented 0.25 oz. weatherproof ant bait stakes that are ready-to-use
  • Attracts and kills all common household ants outside before they get inside
  • Tiered bait pack increases bait consumption, minimizes waste
  • See-through window enables easy monitoring of ant bait level
  • Slow kill gives worker ants time to transport bait to the colony and queen
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