Original SUV Pet Stroller

  • Removable Carrier Section
  • Handy Back Pockets
  • Rear Safety Brake
  • Easily Maneuverable
  • Independently Turning Front Wheels
  • 1/2” Thick Washable Padding
Original SUV Pet Stroller
Regular Price - $385.99
Sale Price - $199.95
All Weather Kit (SUV Size)

Regular Price - $109.95
Sale Price - $99.95
Original SUV Pet Stroller Information:

The last time you went to the beach or back woods did you sigh thinking of how much your furry friend would have loved to join you? Pet owners often must leave their pets behind when they go out. Natural and unnatural environments aren't always safe for pets these days. But on your next adventure allow your pet to safely join in-whether over grass, beach, bumpy city sidewalks, or forest trails-with the latest innovation from the makers of Kittywalk® Systems products, you two can handle curbs, steps and most terrain with ease with Pet Stroller SUV which is 30% larger than the original PET Stroller.

  • Great for city walks to the park or more intensive hikes in the forest and shoreline.
  • 8" wheels easily maneuver in all directions.
  • Lightweight stroller enclosure can be removed and used by itself as a carrier.
  • Ideal for trips to the vet, especially for older pets with hip and joint ailments.
  • Portable and lightweight. Easily compacts to fit in any vehicle.
  • Made of durable rust resistant metal, ABS plastic, and water resistant signature fabric.
  • Carrier consists of open-air netted enclosure, with shaded privacy parlor.
  • Stroller SUV can be used separately as a wagon for easy hauling of laundry or groceries.
  • Comfortable 1" thick washable cozy cushion for pets' comfort.
  • Handy back pocket for keys, leash, collar and water bottles.
  • Easy-to-Open front and back doors.

For cats, puppies, dogs and senior pets up to 14" high at the shoulders and up to 50lbs. The SUV is perfect for strolling down a country lane, around town on a city sidewalk, up a marked hiking trail, or a breezy jaunt along the shoreline providing a safe and airy method of transportation.

Similar to Kittywalk's original Pet Stroller the secure, lightweight SUV stroller/carrier is designed with small-medium pets in mind, Pet Stroller SUV is more robust with tough hard rubber 8" wheels and a larger cabin accommodating up to 50 lbs or holds multiple pets with a shoulder height of up to 14". On your next excursion into the wild outdoors, two cats or small dogs can come with you as can a larger dog up to 14 inches at the shoulder. 8" wheels easily maneuver in all directions. Rear safety breaks. Enclosure section also a removable pet carrier.

Made from sturdy, rust resistant steel framing, water-resistant fabric and durable nylon rip-stop netting, Pet Stroller SUV goes anywhere and stores easily. You can push your pet along on rugged wheels and share the sights, sounds and fresh air of any outing. Pet Stroller SUV also doubles as a carrier for trips to the vet. It's ideal for transporting older animals with hip and joint ailments. Especially comforting for senior pet owners who wish to also enjoy the great outdoors with their pets too. Pet Stroller SUV is a cool alternative to heavy, hot plastic carriers. Your pet can sit in an open mesh environment, or lie beneath the security of the cloth covered privacy parlor to shelter from the elements. With its sturdy safety brakes and easy to unfold design, it's perfect for city dwellers who have always have had to say "no" to a walk in the park. Pet Stroller SUV offers pet lovers the option to say "YES" to sharing more outings with their fur-bearing family members.

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