NightRazor Cordless Spotlight

    • Cordless, lightweight design (5.5 ounces)
    • Four levels of brightness intensity
    • Rechargeable, long-lasting battery
    • S_O_S blinking mode
    • Strobe mode to attract curious raccoons
    • Rugged, waterproof body
    • Red and Amber filters (sold separately)
    • 2 flashing modes: a strobe and an emergency flashing S_O_S
    • 2.5” lens
    • Rechargeable - includes a “Low Battery” warning
    • Stainless Steel Mounting Clip
    • securely attaches to the bracket on the Tri-Tronics Bump Cap
    • The NIGHTRAZOR is covered by a 2 year limited warranty.
The NIGHTRAZOR offers hunters a powerful and versatile cordless cap-mounted spotlight.
NightRazor Cordless Spotlight
Regular Price - $285.99
Sale Price - $199.99

Field Charger

Regular Price - $28.99
Sale Price - $19.95

USB Cable

Regular Price - $8.99
Sale Price - $5.95

At 180 Lumens, the NIGHTRAZOR super bright beam has a spot that is nearly twice as large as the competition.The NIGHTRAZOR offer four levels of intensity: Low, Medium, High, and Super Bright. All levels are changed with the Intensity Knob, conveniently located on the right side of the NIGHTRAZOR. Light can be easily and quickly turned off with the Intensity Knob.

  • NIGHTRAZOR Cordless Spotlight
  • Charging Cradle
  • Charger with USB cable
  • “Walking” Filter
  • Owners manual

    Battery Life:
  • Low Brightness: normal 40 hours or flashing/strobe 80 hours
  • Medium: normal 10 hours or flashing/strobe 20 hours
  • High: normal 5.2 hours or flashing/strobe 10.4 hours
  • Super Bright: normal 2.7 hours or flashing/strobe 5.4 hours

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