Multivet uses alternative correction to train your pet into a more obedient and calmer pet. Multivet has set new standards to training without force or using static correction. Multivet offers pet owners a solution to stop bad habits and unwanted barking with a simple, humane, safe, and effective spray. Your pet will not only hear the releasing of the Multivet spray, but also smell, feel, and see it; which becomes more effective than just one sensory. Check out our complete line of Multivet Today. We have the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on select items.

Multivet Starter Kits - Multivet Spray Pet Correction with a supply of spray refills
Mutlivet Spray Bark Collar Citronella Starter Kit
Multivet Spray Bark Collar Citronella Starter Kit
Priced at $ 49.95 FREE SHIPPING
30% OFF
Multivet Spray Commander Starter Kit
Multivet Spray Commander Starter Kit
Priced at $ 94.95 FREE SHIPPING
30% OFF
Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar Starter Kit
Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar Starter Kit
Priced at $ 59.95 FREE SHIPPING
30% OFF
Multivet Ssscat Starter Kit
Multivet Ssscat
Starter Kit

Priced at $ 39.95 FREE SHIPPING
30% OFF
Multivet Pet Products
Multi-Vet Citronella Dog Bark Collar
Multivet Citronella
Dog Bark Collar
  • Citronella scented
System starts at $ 42.95
Multivet Spray Commander
Multivet Spray
Commander Trainer
  • 300 feet of distance
System starts at $ 74.95
Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar
Multivet Deluxe
Anti-Bark Spray Collar
  • 2 Spray levels
System starts at $ 49.95
Multivet Ssscat
Multivet Ssscat
Spray Deterrent
  • Motion Detector
System starts at $ 29.95
Multivet Refills and Refill Packs

Multivetis not only for dogs but for cats too. Cats love to jump onto counters, tables and other areas that they are not wanted. The Multivet Ssscat is the perfect solution to keep your cat off the counters or from scratching furniture. Simple set up the Multivet Ssscat in the area where you do not want your cat and you can consider your job done. The motion detector will sense them and spray will be emitted (deterring them away from the specific area). Keep your cat out of the garbage, off counters, and away from expensive furniture with Multivet.

Training your pet with a Multivet System is convenient, inexpensive and affordable. This training system comes with a remote control that will allow owners to correct bad habits and behaviors up to 300 feet away. Training pets can be a challenging task if you don’t have something aiding or assisting the training. Multivet offers A Spray Training Collar that will release a mist in front of their nose deterring the action that they are currently partaking in. Multivet Training Collars are ideal for pets that dig, chew, bark and jump. Training Collars will offer pet owners the most effective and efficient way to train your pet into a well-behaved, calm, and obedient pet. Multivet Training Collars are recommended by veterinarians and pet enthusiast worldwide. Training is made simple with Multivet.

Multivet uses scented, unscented, and citronella sprays. Most prefer the citronella scent because it will also leave behind a lemon aroma that is pleasant to most humans. We offer several Multivet Starter Kits that includes 3 cans of refill that will give pet owner’s ample amount of correction power. Multivet Alternative Correction is great solution for most dogs; however if your dog is stubborn and likes to challenge you, than we recommend a shock collar. Each refill is estimated to last up to 225 sprays. Multivet also manufactures an Anit-Bark Collar that will stop excessive barking.

Multivet is simple to use and is more effective than a shock collar. Spray Collar will grab the attention of your pet’s senses, your dog will be able to hear, smell, see, and feel the mist that is emitted. Multivet takes this approach because it significantly reduces training time and does not cause any pain to your pet. Multivet Spray Collars will give pet owners years of training at the most affordable cost.

Multivet offers alternative correction that uses spray instead of shock or ultrasonic correction. We offer a wide range of Multivet Spray Collars at the Lowest Prices plus Free Shipping on select products. When you purchase a Multivet Spray Collar, you are getting the most reliable, humane and effective correction on the market. Shop and Save on Multivet.

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