PetSafe Ssscat Starter Kit

    • Comes with 3 cans of Spray
    • Motion Detector Activated
    • Harmless, Painless
    • Scentless and Stainless
    • Repels pets for up to one meter
    • Leaves no residue
    • Requires no training
    • 100% safe for pets, humans and environment
PetSafe Ssscat Starter Kit
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Sale Price - $39.95

The SSSCat is a great product to keep your cat away from certain parts of your home. Most commonly used to keep cats off of counters it is a very effective method. The system emits a spray when the pet gets close enough to set off the motion detector. You do need to be careful because if you forget that it is on then you can just as easily get sprayed. This device is ideal for when you leave the house of go to sleep at night and your pets can be wandering around unsupervised.

A major benefit of using this method for training is that it is an indirect method of correction so you won’t have your cat acting sour towards you because you’ve been shoeing it off of this and out of that. This keeps your pet happy with you rather than begrudging you for disciplining them.

How it works:

The SSSCat combines a can of non-toxic spray and a motion detector so that when anything moves within its 3 foot range it will quickly disperse the spray. This will startle your cat and cause them to run off. Each can contains roughly 200 sprays and with this kit coming with 3 cans you can have your cat trained for multiple scenarios before you’d have to purchase any replacement cans. The detector uses 4 AAA batteries (not included) and the spray nozzle is adjustable allowing you more options and thus making the SSSCat work more effectively with your cat.

    Package Contents:
  • Adjustable SSSCAT™ motion detector
  • 3 Spray Refill Cans
  • User guide

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