Mobile Pet Carrier Tan/Brown

  • Wheel casters
  • Attaches to car seat belt
  • Side Door
  • IATA
  • For pets up to 44 lbs
  • Dimensions - 26.2" x 18.3" x 20.1"
The Mobile Pet Carrier makes it easy to take your pet along to the destination of your choice!
Mobile Pet Carrier Tan/Brown 26.2" x 18.3" x 20.1"
Regular Price - $157.99
Sale Price - $109.95

This carrier is very versatile as it can be used as a house and is easy to transport since it has a handle and wheels along with the ability to strap it in with a seatbelt keeping your pet safe while traveling. The Mobile Pet Carrier supports pets weighing up to 44lbs and meets the (IATA) standards which are used by airlines in their approval of carry-ons.

  1. Wheel casters
  2. Attaches to car seat belt
  3. Side Door
  4. IATA
  5. For pets up to 44 lbs.
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