Microban Antimicrobial Orthopedic Bed Caramel 30" x 40" x 2"
    • Great for old pets
    • Faux Suede
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Convoluted foam filler
Microban Antimicrobial Orthopedic Bed Caramel 30" x 40" x 2"
Regular Price - $52.99
Sale Price - $36.95

The Microban Antimicrobial Orthopedic Bed is a sturdy yet comfortable solution for your pet’s sleeping needs. This bed is eco-friendly so you’re not harming the environment with this product. You’ll no longer have to worry about your pet taking up your favorite spot on the couch or the recliner because they are going to love using this pet bed so much. Microban Antimicrobial Orthopedic Bed is great for older pets with aching joints where they can relax comfortably and stretch out.This is because of the filler used in the bed. Most have a simple polyester fill but this model uses a convoluted foam filler which is sturdier while still being comfy and cozy for your favorite pet. One of the best features with this bed is that it’s machine washable so whatever dirt, germs, etc that your pet brings with it can easily washed off. With your pet choosing its bed over your furniture you won’t be cleaning up after them nearly as much. This is particularly true during the seasons when your pet sheds its fur the most. The Microban Antimicrobial keeps the bed from building up foul odors, mildews, and molds so that you do not have to constantly wash the bed. The outer layer of the bed is faux suede making it soft to the touch and very comfortable.

The Microban Antimicrobial Orthopedic Bed is a fine product from Petmate that will last you and your beloved pet for years to come and with its beautiful caramel color it will look great in any room within your home. We always do our best to find products that will work well for you, that are durable and long lasting, and at the lowest prices available. If you have any questions about this or other products we sell please call our customer service center and let them help clear up any issues or concerns.

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