Microban Antimicrobial Deluxe Oval Bed Caramel / Stripe Chenille
    • Faux Suede
    • Beautiful design
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Machine washable
Microban Antimicrobial Deluxe Oval Bed Caramel / Stripe Chenille
Regular Price - $26.99
Sale Price - $18.95

The Microban Antimicrobial Deluxe Oval Bed is simply wonderful for those pets that currently loves curling up on your favorite chair or couch. With the oval shape and small walls this is the best bed for your snuggly pup. Machine washable so whatever stains get set in, you wont be on the floor scrubbing away just toss it in the wash and you’re good to go. The Micoban Antimicrobial Deluxe Oval Bed cover is faux suede, which is so soft that you wont be shooing them off of your fine home furnishings; they’ll always be resting comfortably in their cozy pet bed.. The classic caramel color with stripe chenille makes the Microban Antimicrobial Deluxe Oval Bed go well within any room of your home. This is another great eco-friendly product so you may have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting an environmentally friendly product. Microban Antimicrobial will fight against the bacteria build up that result in foul odors or mildews or molds which keep the bed clean so you won’t have to wash it as much as similar pet beds.

Petmate is always bringing fantastic products to the marketplace and with these Microban Antimicrobial Deluxe Oval Beds we know you’ll be satisfied because pets love the level of comfort and great rest they get from using these beds. They are also quite durable and hold their shape well which is due to all of the high quality materials Petmate has used to make them. Pet Street Mall provides the lowest prices possible and makes sure that you’re able to get great products so you can provide the most for your beloved pets.

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