Dog Kwik-Connect Tether / Lead
    • Features strong 1" web and adjusts with a slide.
    • Attach Kwik-Connect Tether to vehicle with just a "push and click" on the vehicle round bar found on all newer vehicles.
    • Adapts to all vehicles with Retro-Connect Adapter.
    • Releases with the push of a button.
    • Uses patented SafeGaurd Mini Connector for greater strength.
Dog Kwik-Connect Tether Regular
Regular Price - $19.99
Sale Price - $14.99

Why tether your dog? It limits the movement of your dog to help avoid driver distraction, and it helps in protecting you dog in sudden stops, starts, and mild collisions. It also keeps your dog from becoming a dangerous missile that could injure other vehicle occupants in adverse situations. For your pet's safety always attach tethers to an appropriate strength harness, rather than his collar, and use two tethers for dogs over 100 lbs.

The Picture to the left shows the Kwik Connect Tether connected to the dog seat belt harness.

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