Kong Dog Toys

The Chase Is On... When a Kong Toy hits the ground, dogs instinctively "GO FOR IT!"

The Jawrobics Workout... The chase promotes a healthy, stimulating "nose-to-tail" workout of every muscle and reflex.

After The Catch... The all-rewarding chew begins; and goes on and on and on. Kong's strong, thick, flexible walls keep springing back for more. It satisfies a dog’s natural need to chew and also cleans the teeth and conditions the gums.

Self-Entertainer... Every time your dog drops a Kong Toy - it's a new game!

"World's Best Dog Toys" Kong Toys provide unmatched performance and benefits. They are used and recommended by veterinarians, dog experts and satisfied customers worldwide.

Puncture Resistant Super Bouncy Natural Rubber... Kong's exclusive Ultra-Flex formulas are chewer friendly. They are unmatched for resilience, durability and bounce. Ultra-Flex rubber is nontoxic, nonabrasive, non-splintering and does not get sharp when chewed.

Kong Dog Toys
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Protect your dog's dental health the fun and healthy way!
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For tenacious chewers the Black Kong is the world's strongest rubber dog toy!
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A new spin on an old favorite - Take to the Air with Kong
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  • Kong Dog Toys at Pet Street Mall will surely provide your dog with total entertainment while learning new things in a fun way. Made by the most trusted name in pet care, our huge selection of Kong Dog Toys is legendary in strength, performance and quality. Kong Dog Toys are highly recommended by veterinarians, dog professionals, trainers as well as satisfied customers worldwide and known to be the “The World's Best Toy” for dogs. Please feel free to see our featured Kong Dog Toys that will surely love by your pet.

  • Legendary Dog Kong Toy. This is Kong's exclusive super-bouncy red natural rubber compound that your dog surely can't resist. Available in 5 chewer-friendly sizes, the Legendary Kong will definitely satisfy your dog's typical chewing temperament.

  • Dental Kong. This is a patented "Chew-clean" doy toy that can effectively clean your dog's teeth and gums as he chews.

  • Air Kong Dog Toys. Our Air Kong Dog Toy is another best selling dog toy here at Pet Street Mall. It is available in 4 fun shapes and variety of sizes that will simply make your dog excited as he plays. The Air Kong Dog Toys include Air Dog Bone, Air Kong, Air Stick and Air Donut.

  • Kong Balls. The Kong Balls are the best bouncing and most durable ball for dogs on the market today. This is another Kong's exclusive that your pet will love.

  • Kong Wubba Dog Toy - Playing tug o' war is something every dog loves to do. The Kong Wubba Dog Toy is specifically designed to be easily gripped by dogs' teeth as well as a human hand, so that the tugging competition is sure to be fierce and fun! Finally grabbed it from him? Throw it across the park and watch your dog jet after it! With its double reinforced nylon fabric, it's sure to last long even after months of wear and tear! A tennis ball and squeaker are found inside each Kong Wubba toy to grab your dog's attention and act as a balancing weight when being thrown. Just one of many of the awesome dog toys we offer for your dog's enjoyment.

  • Kong Air Fetch Stick - It's the easy flinging, far flying, high floating, fun fetch toy with the handy throw rope. The tennis fetch stick is securely attached to a nylon rope that lets you get the maximum distance from every toss. Air KONG Toys are just what they look like--100% pure tennis ball made in the same factory, using the same materials, as any high-quality tennis ball. Totally non-toxic and won't wear down teeth.

  • Kong Stuffin' Peanut Butter Snacks Dog Treat - KONG Snacks are made with high-quality natural ingredients. These tantalizing treats can be used anytime, but are specially shaped and sized to fit your dog's KONG toy. Stuff'N Peanut Butter Snacks are low fat, easily digestible treats.

  • Our offered Kong Dog Toys and Kong Treats are available in different variations. Depending on your particular need, you will definitely find here the best dog toy that you can use in training and playing with your dog. In addition to excellent quality, our Kong Dog Toys are also offered at very low prices; thus giving you and your pet with quality playing time at a price near your heart.

  • Dogs are truly playful in nature. Providing them with wonderful stuffed-filled toys will allow them to feel that they are loved and well-cared for. Show them your love by giving what they really need. Choose from our wide variety of Kong Dog Toys and make them smile today.

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