Kitty'scape Furniture

    • Hours of fun and relaxation for your cat
    • Great for climbing and scratching
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Kitty'scape Basic Kit
Regular Price - $99.99
Sale Price - $69.99
Kitty'scape™ Intermediate Kit
Regular Price - $157.99
Sale Price - $109.99
Kitty'scape Deluxe Cat Furniture Kit
Regular Price - $214.99
Sale Price - $149.99
Kitty'scape™ Expansion Kit "A"
Regular Price - $42.99
Sale Price - $29.99
Corrugated Refill for Scratching Tray
Regular Price - $14.99
Sale Price - $9.99
Kitty'scape™ Penthouse Canopy
Regular Price - $21.99
Sale Price - $14.99
Kitty'scape™ Hammock Hideaway
Regular Price - $28.99
Sale Price - $19.99
Kitty'scape™ Wood Bridge
Regular Price - $22.99
Sale Price - $14.99
Kitty'scape™ Fabric Bridge
Regular Price - $22.99
Sale Price - $14.99

“A Whole New Way for Cats to Play”

Design and customize your cats play area with Kitty’scape structures. Buy which ever add-ons you want to give the most useful space maximizing your cat’s enjoyment. All of the accessories and the structure itself can be assembled in minutes and no tools are needed for doing so.

You can keep your cat curious and engaged though these customization as well since altering the configuration is so easy to do you’ll pique their curiosity and when they think they’ve got it figured out you can change it up again for hours of enjoyment. This activity is so much fun that you may find everyone in your family getting into the designing fun.

Another great advantage of the Kitty’scape lines is that if a part breaks or part wears out from use; just buy a replacement part rather than a whole new structure.

  • Hammock Hideaway: Attaches to any Oval platform to provide hiding space for one or two cats to relax.
  • Adjustable Scratching Tray: Connects to any column on an existing Kitty’scape structure. Can be positioned at various angles and even suspended vertically. Replaceable corrugated scratching section includes catnip for added scratching enticement!
  • Penthouse Canopy: Attaches to Penthouse Perch to provide a private space for cats to relax.
  • Expansion Kit “A” includes: Oval platform; 3 long columns; 2 short columns, multiple connectors. Great for adding another layer to an existing structure.

The Kitty’scape Intermediate expands upon the Basic adding an additional platform and scratching post to the kit. Building this structure can be loads of fun for you and a great way to be creative with how your cat plays. Buy any of the extra accessories to give your cat even more options for hours of playtime. The whole Kitty’scapes product line is easy and quick to put together and there are no tools needed for and pieces.

Your cat is smart so why not challenge them a bit through this fun furniture. You’ll have them engaged and curious every time you change something ensuring you’ll get years of enjoyment. Your cat will undoubtedly end up with a favorite piece of their Kitty’scape which will wear out more quickly. With common cat towers you’d have to replace the whole thing, but with Kitty’scape you can easily replace the worn out item.

The Kitty’scape Deluxe model has the greatest number of options for layout design of any models we carry. The Hammock Hideaway and Penthouse Canopy as well as 3 scratching posts come as a part of the deluxe kit. As with all the Kitty’scapes products the assembly is simple, easy, and requires no tools. Come up with any configuration you can think of and have it before you in minutes. Your cat will love playing around and relaxing in any configuration you design for them. Keep your cat intrigued with new designs all the time.

You cat will find which aspect of the Kitty’scape Deluxe it enjoys the most and it may wear out. With most cat towers this would me replacing the whole tower! Safe yourself that cost with Kitty’scapes you’ll only need to purchase the part that has worn out, what a cost savings!

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