Innotek Ultra Dog Fence
  • 25 Acre Coverage
  • Progressive Correction
  • Lightweight
  • One peice composite plastic
  • External Lightning Protection
  • Contour Collar Design for a better fit
  • 20 Gauge Wire
  • 100ft. Twisted Fast Trac Wire
Professional Ultra Plus IUC-4200 Dog Fence
w/ 500 ft of 20 gauge wire
Regular Price - $349.99
Sale Price - $309.95

Standard 20-Gauge Wire Boundary Kit
500 ft. of Wire, 50 Flags, & 2 Heavy Duty Waterproof Splicers

Regular Price - $39.99
Sale Price - $29.95

20 Gauge Pre-Twisted Wire (100 ft.)

Regular Price - $29.99
Sale Price - $24.99

100 Above Ground Wire Installation Staples

Regular Price - $24.99
Sale Price - $16.99

Additional Indoor Zones Transmitter

Regular Price - $49.99
Sale Price - $39.99

Containment System Lightning Protector

Regular Price - $49.99
Sale Price - $39.99

Extra UltraSmart Collar Charging Station IUA-005

Regular Price - $29.99
Sale Price - $22.99

Boundary Flags (50)

Regular Price - $17.99
Sale Price - $14.99

IUC-4200 Information

Innotek’s newest system is full featured and top of the line. Completely waterproof and rechargeable the new collar with built in receiver is slimmer and more comfortable contouring to the shape of your dog’s neck. Other new safety features include a battery back up system that uses AA batteries(not included), and alarm that is visual and audible for when your dog goes past the wire. There is a boundary self check system with status that displays 24/7.

With the easy installation of the Innotek UltraSmart 4200 system you can have your fence set up quickly and your yard as a safe containment zone for your dog. The system is made up of a wire which you can bury or staple down, a collar with radio receiver which produces a small stimulation if your dog tries to go past the barrier wire. The kit comes with boundary flags as well to make spotting the zone limits easy and allows your dog to learn where they are permitted more quickly than without that clearly defined perimeter. Due to how the system works the amount of correction instances will greatly decrease over time as your will dog learn where it is supposed to be playing.

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