Indoor or Outdoor Dog Repellent, Potty Training

    • Indoor or Outdoor Repellent, Potty Training Aid
    • Repellent Helps you change your pet's undesirable habits
    • Repellent keeps pets and stray animals away
    • Repellent can be used on furniture, rugs, flower gardens, garbage cans and more
Indoor or Outdoor Repellent, Potty Training Aid 14 oz
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SIMPLE SOLUTION® Indoor or Outdoor Repellent will allow you to never have to deal with your pet(s) constantly urinating in the same spots in your home or yard. Maybe a neighbor’s pet somehow always ends up killing the same spots on your lawn. With this spray you will effectively keep them from doing so. The odor involved is rather strong at first so apply it when your going to leave or don’t need to be in that area. When you return you’ll no longer be able to detect the small but your pet still can.

For this to have its greatest impact, particularly with indoor repelling you’ll want to make sure that the area has been well cleaned from any previous mishaps so that there is no old smalls competing with the Simple Solution Indoor Outdoor Repellent.

While this product is safe on most fabrics you’re going to want to test it on a small discrete area to be sure that the spray isn’t having and adverse effects on your furniture or carpeting. As an extra cautious option you can spray a cloth and then placing it in the location which also gives you a clear spot to observe just how well this product works.

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