Deluxe White Dog Door

  • Small Deluxe White Dog Door
  • 5" x 7" Opening
  • Dogs up to 12lbs
Deluxe Dog Door White Small
Regular Price - $69.99
Sale Price - $52.99

Deluxe Dog Door Medium White

Regular Price - $89.99
Sale Price - $67.99

Deluxe Dog Door White XX-Large

Regular Price - $139.99
Sale Price - $99.99

Ideal aluminum dog doors are highly recommended dog doors because of their heavy duty materials and outstanding features. Pet Street Mall has a great selection of ideal dog doors that will match your particular needs. Ideal aluminum dog doors will eliminate the hassle of opening and closing the door for your furry friend. Ideal aluminum dog door has a durable, movable flap that serve as a barrier. Take note that these flaps are long-lasting so replacement can be made after a couple of months or years of continuous usage. For added security, these Ideal doors are tamper proof. Our ideal aluminum dog doors are available in three vibrant colors that include mill, white and bronze. These attractive colors of our Ideal dog door will surely complement your door’s design.

Since ideal aluminum dog doors are made of aluminum frame, you can assure of its 100% performance. Unlike other plastic framed pet doors, these doors can withstand the strong force exerted by your dog as he goes in and out. With the use of ideal aluminum dog doors, you can assure of longer years of reliable service. Aside from that, you can free yourself from being a doorman to your pet. You can also keep your home away from intruders because you will no longer need to leave your door open for your beloved pet. This type of pet door can be your dog’s comfortable doorway. In addition, the mounting system of this pet door does not allow the removal of the door from outside.

Ideal aluminum dog door is considered as one of the most wanted dog doors on the market today because of its flexibility, durability and affordability. This is also the kind of product which is intentionally made to provide safety, convenience and comfortable lifestyle to your dog. In fact, this dog door is recommended by most professionals and veterinarians all over the world. Aside from providing safety and convenience, this dog door is also the way of most pet owners to teach their dogs the right behavior in entering and leaving the house. The price of our ideal aluminum dog doors is also reasonable enough and will fit to your budget. As a matter of fact, we always keep on updating our products in order to give you the most reliable items that you can depend on. Whatever the size of your dog, we surely have the right size of Ideal dog door for you to buy.

So if you are in need of an affordable yet high quality dog door for your most beloved pet, you have come to the right place! Choose the kind of ideal aluminum dog door that matches the interior of your door and size of your dog and we promise that you will never feel any regrets after buying one. This is just the right pet supply to be used in order to boost your dog’s confidence and train him effectively so that he knows what to do even when you left him alone at home. Follow your instinct; purchase our ideal aluminum dog door now.

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