Duo Temp Heated and Cooling Dog Bed

    • Dolce Vita combo heating and cooling dog bed is
      the first and only cooled AND heated pet bed
    • Cool air therapy provides relief in warm weather
    • Heated air therapy relieves joint and muscle pain
    • Machine-washable cover
    • Washable, stain and scratch resistant
    • Safe low-voltage design
    • Veterinarian recommended
    • $50.00 Off with FREE SHIPPING!
Dolce Vita Duo Temp Heated and Cooling Dog Bed (30" x 26")

Regular Price - $249.99
Sale Price - $165.95

Dolce Vita Duo Temp Heated and Cooling Dog Bed Win's Editor's Choice Award! In recognition of excellence, DogFancy magazine has awarded the Editor's Choice award to Dolce Vita's DuoTemp heated and Cooling Dog Bed for 2007! Congratulations to Dolce Vita. Be sure to purchase the Dolce Vita Combo Heating and Cooling Dog Bed and find out what all the fuss is about.

The Dolce Vita Duo Temp Heated and Cooling Dog Bed provides comfort and promotes good health for pets. Hot weather or strenuous activity can leave a pet exhausted and overheated. Normally pets seek the cooling effects of laying on hard tile or concrete surfaces which can stress bones and muscles. The Dolce Vita heated and cooling dog bed delivers cool air therapy through a unique, patent-pending air channel cushion and provides your pet with the comfort of a cool therapeutic surface to sleep and relax.

Low-level heat therapy has been proven scientifically to promote health and improve activity level of pets and can aid in providing relief from arthritis, sore joints and muscles. Additionally, the comforting effects of heat can stimulate circulation, reduce anxiety, and help pets maintain their natural body temperature. The Dolce Vita heating and cooling combo dog bed delivers heated air therapy through the cushion which helps pets remain pain free and active. The DuoTemp provides year-round comfort to pets of all ages.

Pictured to the right is the easy-to-use controls for the Dolce Vita heating and cooling dog bed. With the flip of a switch, the temperature can be changed from hot and cold and back again. The Dolce Vita heating and cooling combo dog bed uses advanced technology to warm or cool your pet, as necessary. As shown, the DuoTemp is FC and CE certified, to ensure a reliable, safe product.

Pictured to the left is the rear view of the Dolce Vita DuoTemp Dog Bed. As shown, the Dolce Vita DuoTemp features a fan which circulates warm or cool air for the most effective temperature control.

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