Cyber-Space Module with Upgrade Package

  • Two level habitat.
  • Global access port supports other accessories.
  • Security doors on both levels.
  • Includes wheel, latter, litter guard and a secure locking base.
  • Special upload and download tube-a-trail and chat room trial.
Cyber-Space Module with Upgrade Package
Regular Price - $44.99
Sale Price - $37.99

Ultra-Fun Housing for the Computer-Age Hamster. Cool Computer Colors! Two-Stories High for extra "Giga-Space!" This contoured hamster home has open "cyber" grid (wire) sides and top to allow necessary ventilation flow to keep your pet healthy. Front and back are clear acrylic for easy viewing. House has 2 access doors on both levels that lock securely to keep pet in. Also comes with an open-sided and super-quiet "Search Engine" exercise wheel, an acrylic easy-climbing safety ladder leading up to the full-size second level platform, a "Global Access Port" with "Cyber-Link" Bubble Cap on top to add SAM Toobs and Accessories, an acrylic Litter Guard all the way around the bottom sides of the cage to help keep mess in and a securely locking base. Ideal Cyber Space for Dwarf Hamsters and similar sized rodents. Actual dimensions: 11-1/4 inches x 9-1/2 inches x 25 inches high.

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