Hound Heater Classic Dog House Heater

  • Overall dimensions are 5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5".
  • Back plate dimensions--7" x 7" x 3/8" depth
  • The unit comes with one 90 watt, 50,000 hr. element
  • Suspended design eliminates any debris from falling on element
  • Has a flip up lockable door
  • 8ft., 3- prong, grounded cord
  • Cord strain relief to eliminate cord tension problems
Hound Heater Classic Dog House Heater 110-volt
Regular Price - $85.99
Sale Price - $59.95

It features a four sided ventilation system that will effectively heat up to 16 cubic feet. A great heating source at a more economical price. The galvanized metal housing is made from 16 gauge powder coated steel. This type of contstruction is made to last for many years.

The Hound Heater Classic is a great heating source for your dog house at an economical price. The Hound Heater Classic will heat an average size dog house (approx. 16 cubic feet). At 0 degrees F outside, the house will stay around 40 degrees F keeping your pet out of freezing temperatures. If you have a larger area to heat you can installed multiple heaters or you can upgrade to the next model Hound Heater Dog Furnace which will heat up to 32 sq. ft.

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